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lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Double versions, same movies but different product ( part 1)

Before the 80's ninja craze boomed, IFD distributed many taiwanese movies all around the world. They were simply taiwanese movies in their original cut but including english credits for the international markets. Many of those movies arrived to Spain & they were released on tape by small video companies & they got the favour of the audience since they could be found in most video rental shops. So, at that time we enjoyed films such as Shaolin Conspiracy, Wolfen Queen, Phoenix the ninja ( Miraculous flower) among other titles.

But It happened some gangster movies produced in Taiwan between 1979 and 1982 were also released in Spain by Joseph Lai's IFD on its original taiwanese cut and few years later the same movies came back to the international markets with some changes such as new art covers, new scenes containing ninjas, gunplay, new dialogs, re-edited shots & gweiloh actors.

Let's list some of them:

-Angel's Blood Mission is a taiwanese gangster movie but the Spanish art cover showed us a Rambo lookalike man that never appeared on the film.

This movie is just a gangster drama about revenge that offers us a mixture of gunplay & kung fu, BUT, when the ninja crazed started, IFD re-edited this movie changing the dialogs & adding some new shots starring Mark Watson & Mike Abbott creating a totally new movie entitled ADVENT COMMANDO: ANGELS BLOOD MISSION

This new version containing the pasted shots never arrived to Spain so we only could enjoy the original cut.

-Kill for love: This film is an action drama shot in 1982 starring taiwanese actress Luk Siu Fan ( whose filmography was partly edited in Hong Kong by Ocean Shores on VCD) credited by IFD as Fonda Lynn. It tells the drama of a countryside inmigrant in the city and how she is cheated by her greedy boyfriend who try to kill her in order to marry a rich woman.

Years later, due to the demand of ninja movies Kill for love became into a new movie titled Official exterminator: Kill for love, but in some territories was also released as Ninja Knight 2: Blood Brothers or Ninja Killer.

Again the new pasted scenes were starred by Mark Watson & Mike Abbott.

-Kill, butterfly Kill was a kind of taiwanese version of Abel Ferrara's Ms 45 where a woman is raped & she takes a brutal revenge on her rapists.

Once again, this film was become into a new movie titled American commando 4: Kill buterfly kill just adding some extra scenes starring Mike Abbott & Mark Miller. This new edition was never released in Spain, only the original taiwanese cut was avaliable.

More to come to your screen very soon!

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