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miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

Beware of IFD German DVDs

Getting IFD or Filmark movies is not a specially hard target, they can be easily found in several downloading websites. But getting original sources is another story. While many people complain about the British editions stating they are cut or severely cut I must say they are wrong since I got a bunch of tapes & dvds of different IFD & Filmark movies and they were ok, even the nudity shots were edited on. So, Fans or collectors who are looking for titles such as Ninja Dragon, ninja the protector, ultimate ninja, ninja terminator, ninja of the magnificence or even golden ninja warrior must know the british editions are uncut.

Beware, instead, with avaliable german dvd editions . Most of IFD / Filmark movies are cut from 85-87 minutes depending on the tape system (there are some minor run-time difference depending if we got Pal tapes or NTSC tapes) to 75 miserable ones. The German dvd editions I got are ALL OF THEM cut into 75 minutes. So 10 minutes of footage were put into the waste bin in German.

The titles to avoid are:

-War City 2: Red Heat Conspiracy
-CrackDown Mission
-Savage Temptation
-American Eagle

The only uncut german dvd of an IFD movie I have purchased is War City: Win or Die.

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