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jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Starring: Pierre Kirby

Pierre Kirby was one of last new faces & main stars IFD provided to its fans after the big names such as Richard Harrison, Mike Abbott, Bruce Baron and even Stuart Smith scaped from Joseph Lai's jaws.
There is not any kind of data about his background & his movie career can be resumed in three short sentences: He came, he shot, he vanished like a ninja. It was a pity since he had a magnetic presence (for IFD standars) & his skills while fighting were pretty good to be enjoyed without using masks or stunt doubles.

However, there are some dark & thrilling stories about his whereabouts. It was said his way to make a living, apart from working for IFD on its last ninja & hard boiled type action productions, was delivering yatches between Hong Kong and the Philippines. One day, he sailed to fulfill his duty & never came back. To add some morbid ingredients to the story, it was listened he died during a pirate attack in the Philippines Sea. I can't assure this point. I got this information from an interview done to another star from IFD / Filmark, Paul John Stanners, that was published in Nocturno Cinema website. To read the full interview, just click on the below link.

Pierre kirby is till know another of those so called cases of "Missing in action" movie stars. He never appeared on other asian productions, he was only credited on a bunch productions from IFD that surely were shot back to back as usual. Anyway, in the world wide web there are some die hard IFD followers who still keep Kirby in their memories.

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