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domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

Chatchai Plengpanich Filmography at Filmark International

The face of Chactchai Plengpanich will be always remembered in the west as the main actor / hero of Cannibal Mercenaries. I suppose most of people who love bizarre & obscure movies from Southeast Asian countries already know Cannibal mercenaries was vampirized by Tomas Tang & his Filmark International as The Jaguar Project that included pasted shots starring IFD & Filmark regulars Paul John Stanners & Alan English. The new added shots were directed by the ex-vemon Sun Chien who actually plays a minor role as buddist priest at the beggining of this Filmark gem.

But Chatchai Plengpanich also appeared in other Filmark productions that used some of his movies as main body.

Filmography at Filmark

-The Jaguar Project: Just a re-edition of thai classic Mercenary with some added & hilariously funny dubbed footage.

-Terminal Angels: Chatchai plays the role of a journalist who traces some gangsters. in a thai variation of the Girls with guns subgenre. The action scenes are so good as the ones made in Hong Kong.

-Ninja, force of assassins: Tomas Tang took this hard boiled cop revenging actioner to offer us a ninja experiment. Tang used a thai movie entitled DIAMOND SLUM for this movie.

Other Chatchai's movie edited on VCD in Hong Kong was West Side story, a cop-thriller action movie whose story is quite similar to Diamond Slum. Both movies share the same cast who play similar roles.

Since I don't own a copy of every Filmark cut & paste movies I can't assure this is a Chatchai Plengpanich Full filmography at Filmark. Any hint of kind of information will be always wlecomed!

2 comentarios:

  1. TERMINAL ANGELS sounds great! Do you know the title of the original Thai film? I assume the HK version was also a cut & past film??? Which version of the HK version do you have, where was it released?

  2. Terminal Angels was released in Spain on tape under the title of ANGELES DE LA MUERTE ( Angels of death) at the end of the 80's and around five years ago was also released on DVD under the same title. I own both versions since the VHs cover was great...the dvd version has better image & sound quality but the cover was horrible since it was released on a double bill with Romano Kristoff's Ninja Force. Both movies just included Spanish dubbed versions.
    My copies are in the Philippines but I will ask my friend here in Spain to make a copy for you if you are interested.

    I don't know the real thai title of Terminal Angels...sorryyyyyyy! BUUUUUUT, I found a great site for purchasing original thai vcds at very cheap price
    Maybe yo already know this site

    I have found there the original thai movies used for Filmark's Crocodrile fury, The Spy inferno, Ninja in the killing fields & Ninja destroyer from IFD.