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sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

Cut, paste and re-edition (2nd chapter)

Tomas Tang was, as we all know, was the bussiness partner of Joseph Lai after Lai left Intercontinental Films & he founded IFD. At one time Joseph Lai joined Tomas Tang & they founded ASSO ASIA, a company that brought us dozens of Korean kung fu movies. Later Tomas Tang left Lai & he founded his Filmark international that just imitated the working methods of IFD. And from here it comes its most interesting time since Tomas Tang also bought a bunch of asian movies for re-editing & re-dubbing them & throw new products into the international video market.

Let's check some examples

-Silver Dragon Ninja (Corrupción en Chicago- Spanish video title) is an interesting & funny ninja movie supposely directed by Donald Kong, but the fact is Donald Kong just re-edited a filipino-hong Kong coproduction from 1981 entitled KILLER COP (THE TRAP) directed by Ang Saan & added some extra ninja footage starring Paulo Tocha & Eric Neff.

Ocean Shores VCD of Killer Cop, later it was edited into Silver Dragon ninja

one of the thousands international editions of this Filmark classic

As usual, the ogirinal cut without the ninja scenes was edited in Hong Kong by Ocean Shores.

-Ninja Force of Assassins ( aka Justiciero de acero-Spanish video title) is a really nice title from Filmark that just used a Thai movie starring the same guy from Cannibal Mercenary. I have been trying to track down the original thai VCD but all my effords have been useless till now. Since the original source has not an international english title, it is an odyssey to check its techical details.

Spanish VHS art cover of ninja force of assassins

Original print on Thai VCD that doesn't include the pasted ninja shots

-Ninja in the killing fields ( aka Destructor ninja, aka El campo de la muerte- Spanish video titles), is another obscure thai movie that has not international english title & it is almost impossible to access if you are not familiar with Thai cinema. Sorapong Chatri is the main actor of this production in its original form. Someone from filmark added 15 minutes of ninja action starring Stuart Smith & Louis Roth.

VCd cover for a ninja movie from Thailand used for Tomas Tang's experiments

British dvd cover

If someone could add some info about these two thai movies ( or even can get those VCDs) nI would be extremely pleased & thanked to him forever.

-Ninja VS Ninja. Well, this is a rare gem, a strange movie among strange movies since it was planned. Ocean Shores wanted a share of the benefits IFD & Filmark were getting in the international markets. So some executives at Ocean Shores rescued a production from 1981 titled THE BOMB SHELL & after a raw re-edition & dubbed it into English, they added around 15 minutes of ninja fights shot in Betacam!!!!!! The final product is an experience to be watched & believed.

Ocean shores squeezing to the limit its catalog: same movie, different product

The original print of THE BOMBSHELL & its bastard, vampirized sister Ninja Vs ninja were together as different movies in the international catalog of Ocean Shores till the day it closed. Meanwhile in Hong Kong only the original cut without ninjas was avaliable.

More to come very soon!

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  1. Beunas tardes, senor Manuel.

    Thai title of Ninja Force of Assassins is Pet Salam. It means Diamond Slum. The name of the leading actor is Chatchai Plengpanich.

    Chatchai Plengpanich - Wikipedia article

    Plengpanich's official site (includes filmography)

  2. Hola Susie: THANKS SO MUCH for your valuable information. I have been years searching info about this thai movie since I love it so much. unfortunately I have only enjoyed the Hong Kong version which includes added ninja footage.

    May you know where to purchase those thai VCds???

    Very best wishes & THANKS THANKS THANKS

  3. Sorry, I have no idea where we can find the film. I'll inform you if I come across it.

  4. Anyway thanks so much...really.

    by the way, are you thai? how come did you know the thai movie used in Ninja force of assassins is Diamond slum???
    Can you read thai language?

    Best wishes from Spain

  5. Susie Arabia (aka "Bakeneko" on Cinehound forum) is in Japan and has an awesome blog with info on world-weird horror movies from all over Asia!! I kid you not when I tell you that when I make a search for very rare world-weird horror films and if I don't find them anywhere else I usually end up on Bakeneko's site!! Most of it is in Japanese but if you install Google translator you can find a lot of cool info on that site!!!

    Before I got to know the guy behind the site I wrote a little about it here:

    - there's a link to the blog in that post as well.

  6. Thanks for the info Jack..I add her blog to the list right now. I am very useless on Computer matters ( Watching movies is the only good thing I can do) but thanks to your blogs I have found wonderful sites!