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miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

IFD & Filmark Taiwanese locations Pics & videos

Few posts below I posted some pics & info about the taiwanese location used on IFD's Golden ninja Warrior. The place was an abandoned tourist resort in Sanjhih a coast city located around 1 hour bus trip from Taipei.

I have been searching more information about the place & I found very interesting info about it.
Here you can compare the location as showed in the movies as well as the last views before it was completely bulldozed at the beggining of 2009.

Indoor entrance seen in Golden Ninja Warrior

Indoor entrance in 2008

Outdoor entrance in 2008

Another side of the outdoor entrance of this ghostly place

The entrance & the guard dragon seen in Filmark's Ninja The Violent Sorcerer

Impressive welcome to Sanjhih abandoned tourist resort

Some comparative shots from the past
and recent past

The wonderful location of a very funny & enjoyable movie

Gone with the wind ( well, Gone by bulldozers)forever

Check this pic taken from Diamond Ninja Force. This resort can be noticed at the back!

Other taiwanese movies released by Joseph Lai's IFD also showed the glorious past of this place in movies such as Super Dargon's Dynamo.

A very bizarre place to spend our summer holidays, indeed!

Apart from IFD & Filmark, another movies shot in Taiwan also showed this abandoned resort as scenary for ninja fights such as WHITE PHANTHOM directed in 1987 by Dusty Nelso ( is it a real name????) & starring Bo Svenson, Jay Roberts, jr & Lung Fong credited as Jimmy Lee.

I love cinema because I love locations

The movie is just a pseudo-sequel to Sakura Killers, another taiwanese ninja movie that also used some locations seen in other movies distributed by IFD.

It could be seen using Google Earth before its demolition in early 2009

The pics used for this post about the taiwanese locations belong to ROB TEK.
For further information about this location you may visit the following links:

6 comentarios:

  1. Hi! Jack (When the Vietnam war raged in the... ) told me to go here, and I must obey him! Maybe you know something I've always wondered about, from which movie is the monster-footage (with the huge snake) taken from in Thunder of Gigantic Serpent? I heard it's from a Taiwanese movies, but who nows... the same thing with Scorpion Thunderbolt who has some monster-scenes (a smaller monster though) that I would love to see the original movie of.

    Great blog!

  2. Hello ninja dixon: If Jack send you here then you must take him as your enemy!!!!...:P
    Sorry, till know I haven't got to find out those 2 titles you asked. I have got many many titles on their original cuts from the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea & Thai but as I say these ones not yet. not even info.
    Anyway I will try my best to get that info!

    Very best wishes!

  3. Heeey, es no bueno!!! :-(


    I have been wondering about "Scorpion Thunderbolt" for years!! I'd love to watch the original movie. I guess the problem with some of these movies is that they were never finished. Maybe Godfrey Ho & Co. just bought old footage from unfinished films.

  4. No no, Jack...Lai and Tang NEVER NEVER used unfinished movies. That's another fake information spread by the net. They were ( Lai still is) regular visitors in international video markets from Cannes to Manila, from LA to Taipei, from Seoul to Miami. They used to buy those movies distribution rights & they threw them into the market. In some territories like Spain they used to release the original prints ( the only change was the title credits, while the originals were on chinese, the ones arrived to the international market were in English) but in English spoken counries they added some scenes with gweiloh actors...I have a bunch of those movies in both versions but NOT all of them :(

    Also many of those Taiwanese movies belonged to Ocean Shores or other companies (First Distributors, Golden Sun..etc) for their international distribution that's why many of them are already gone from IFD catalog but they still can be found in some VCD shops in Hong Kong.

  5. Really? They never used unfinished films! Thanks for clearing that up!! I have read that faulty piece of info soo many times.

    So you got many of the original non-cut & paste versions in Spain? Interesting.

  6. -Many of them are still on VCD from Ocean Shores like KILL FOR LOVE, GIRL WITH A GUN, THE BOMBSHELL, KILLER COP ( THE TRAP), THE NINJA & THE THIEF...others like KILL BUTTERFLY KILL; DRESSED TO FIRE, GUNS TO HEAVEN, NAKED REVENGE, TIGER CLAWS BUDDIST FISTS, DEADLY DARLING...etc were released in Spain on their original cuts with no gweilohs
    Also some filipino movies used on IFD movies can also be found on VCD in the Philippines like DIEGONG BAYONG the source movie of Philip Ko's PLATOON THE WARRIORS