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domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

IFD & FILMARK Spanish video art covers

As everyone knows the video boom happened from the last 70's & it had its peak during the 80's. At that time, going to the video rental shop was real pleasure because hundreds of small video companies offered unlimited video releases under gorgeous art covers, decorated with colorful drawings, stunning pics & unforgettable tag lines.

Here you have some of those video covers from Spanish video releases.


Futuristic desgin for Philip Ko's Platoon the Warriors. Such masked muscle man is not in the movie

There is no ninjas in Inferno Thunderbolt, but sooner, after this title, Richard Harrison had to deal with them along many films

Ninja the protector shows how ninjas want to control the pret- a- porter bussiness

Golden Showdown is not a ninja movie but was released under 2 different titles around the world. the alternative title was DIRTY HEROES.

This is the presentation from the UK tape

The spanish tape kept the original IFD title.


One of the best first Ninja movies from Filmark used many of IFD regular actors & technicians

Death Code ninja can be considered a sequel to Ninja warriors of fire for different reasons...we will explain then in a near future!

Sho Kosugi's image was used in this collage for Ninja project Daredevils ( aka Ninja Masters of death) Spanish video art cover.

Secret life of a ninja was a taiwanese ninja movie distributed in the west by Filmark International. The muscle ninja & the machine gun are not in the movie but we have Elsa Yeung, Chen Kuan Tai & the great Kurata Yasuaki instead!


Secret Ninja, roaring tiger is one of my favourite Asso Asia covers in Spain. We can see ninjas fighting in the background surrounded by buildings on fire a la Gone with the wind , then Bruce Lee & a ninja figure above overseeing everithing!

The original title of this Kung Fu Lucha mortal is Strike of thunderkick tiger, a korean movie starring Casanova Wong. It is here because the back pics of the art covers included snapshot from Ninja phantom hero usa, another ninja flick from Filmark. This mistake could have been done due to the same company released both movies & they mixed the promotion pics!!!!

A korean kung fu movie was offered to us a ninja film due to some mistakes in the art cover


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  1. Me encantan estas covers Nico, y el inglés se entiende bastante bien, hay que ver lo bien que se curraban las carátulas de Lai y co.

    Por cierto soy Jackie_Chan_Spain, es que me sale Víctor Chan por un nuevo blog que abrí de reseñas.


  2. Me alegro que te gusten las caratulas ( las tienes todas en la seccion caratulas de ZNHK, pero no se lo digas a nadie...jejejeje) y que puedas seguir el blog.

    Luego te linkeo el tuyo!