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lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Unknown & no name faces from IFD & Filmark

From the middle 80's Hong Kong action cinema was invaded by westerners who knew how to fight an how to act in front of a chinese camera. In the past western actor were just relegated to play priests, angry faced police officers, gangsters from different nations or tourists. Many of them became famous for playing supporting roles in big productions, others just played minor roles in a bunch of productions & others just played as mere extras.

The fact is most of them, from the popular ones to the nameless ones, worked for IFD or Filmark or both! It is very courious they played very small roles in big productions but they were the big stars on Joseph Lai's & Tomas Tang's productions. It still amazes me when I check a Hong Kong movie from the golden age & I see in the back some of the leading actors from IFD or Filmark playing as extras.

Lets check some of them!

-This guy played the villain in Filmark's Ninja Extreme Weapons but also played a good boy in Filmark's Ninja the shadow killer.
a crippled but elegant ninja evil ninja in ninja extreme weapon

It was a nice surprise to see him playing a bloke being killed by a ninja on IFD Ninja operation 4: thunderbolt angels.
la,la, la, la, la..I am going to visit my grandma

oh, it is the big wolf..oh is is a ninja

Gordon, take these snacks to my grandma & take revenge for me!

If you have a good photo-memory & you are a die hard fan of Hong kong movies you can also see him playing as an extra in Ringo Lam's Undeclared War

and as a restaurant customer on Son on the Run

in City War as a bar customer who enjoys Chow yun Fat's dance perfomance

in Shanghai Shanghai as a crowd member

and even in Samo Hung's Dragons Forever.
During years I have been trying to find out who is this man, his name, how many movies he starred in Hong kong cinema...etc. Till now I haven't got a clue.

This gentleman was credited as JIM NORRIS in Filmark's Secret executioners but there is no doubts that is a nickname came out from Tomas Tang's creative unit!
a scene from struggle for leader. I would die for having a copy of the original Hk cut of this film!

He was seen as a naughty drunken tourist who wants to get some pay-for-love from Deannie Yip in struggle for leader, the source movie used Tang in his Ninja Phantom hero usa.
Secret executioners opening scene shot nearby Yau Tong

he also appeared in a cameo at the beggining of Mission Thunderbolt, the first installment in the Thunderbolt saga from IFD.

Any info related to my admired Jim Norris or his real identity would be extremely welcomed.

But IFD & Filmark not only hired men. Sometimes they also got girls to play female ninjas, witches or just some girls who would show her bodies happily for some bucks.

This girl was credited as CORA BENTLEY in Filmark's Ninja the shadow killer where she played a female ninja who must defeat a evil ninja played by Wayne Archer who was credited as David Green. So, there are a lot of possibilities that Cora Bentley is also a nickname.
I am not Sophia Crawdford

I am a deadly ninja woman

She was also the main star in another Filmark ninja movie titled Vampire raiders ninja queen against the popular & late Louis Roth.
I said I am not Sophia Crawford
Some years later, she played a swindler whose couple was Bruce Fontaine in Curry & Pepper. There are a lot of mistakes in most of HK movies databases & reviews because they credited this girl as Sophia Crawford. Just take a look to her & we can see they don't even look like a bit.
How many times I have to repeat I am not Sophia Crawford????
Last time I saw this "Cora Bentley" was in the first minutes of Hong Kong gigolo, a erotic movie in which Mike Abbott also had a small role.

This chinese girl played horny roles in some IFD movies. We saw her as a peasant in Mission thunderbolt. She was attacked in the street by a masked madman & rescued by the hero, few minues later they were on bed doing more excitement shots than the previous one.
Pretty face for a devil small-tittied witch

She also played the evil witch who tries to control the snake girl in IFD Scorpion Thunderbolt.
If you have read this and have any info or just small details of these actors, please let me know. Any help will be very welcomed.
More to come!

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