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viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Cut, paste & re-edition ( 3rd chapter)

Lets continue talking & unclosing some of the most hidden secrets used by IFD & Filmark: The source movies the used for their ninja / war / action experiments we enjoyed in our screens for years. I would like people stop to think Joseph Lai & Tomas Tang used unfinished movies to do his cut & paste movies. So, Lets repeat it again: Lai & Tang bought the distribution rights of many movies, then re-edited, re-dubbed & re-titled them. There is not even a single unfinished movie in their catalogs.

-Ninja Knight 4: Joy of the Living dead ( aka Official exterminator 3: Joy for the living dead). This is one of the weirdest movies ever come from IFD. Reasons? to start with the title itself, what's the meaning of this title???? The movie is just an erotic drama with some action shots starred by Sean Odell & the only & one Mike Abbott. Where are the Living dead?

erotic ninjas from brazil???? so absurd as the title of this movie

Second reason: The source movie used is NOT an asian movie as usual, this time director Philip Ko took a brazilian (!!!!!!!) erotic movie titled DOLCE DELIRIO & pasted on it Mike Abbott & Sean Odell doing the same they did in other similar IFD titles, even a ninja has his time on screen for a few seconds.
This time, the erotic shots run longer than the action & the visual aspect of the whole movie is more than strange. It worths a look!

Original brazilian movie borrowed by Philip Ko

-Thunderkids Golden adventure: Joseph Lai wanted to reach all the markets so he prepared some movies for kids that resembled the popular Kung Fu Kids from Taiwan.

This poster was publised in

This time the original source came from Korea with this movie whose original title is unknown for me since I can't read korean language.

-Ninja 8: Warriors of fire is one of the best ninja movies came from Filmark ( the very best is Ninja Phantom Hero Usa). Starred by Jonathan Isgart & westerners, the movie balances the new added fotage with the old one.

Tomas Tang used a very good taiwanese movie titled The Queen Bee to compose his new ninja movie. The Queen Bee was one of those obscure & raw gangster movies shot in Taiwan during 1979- 1982. The director was Wang Chung Kuang.

Has anyone the original print of this movie???? I am looking for it desperatly.

We can find more information about this movie in the wonderful documentary TAIWAN BLACK MOVIES.
If you want to learn about Taiwanese true cinema, check this documentary

Death Code Ninja, the last "very good ninja movie" from Filmark. It was also the only movie Mike Abbott shot for Tomas Tang sharing the screen with Jonathan Isgart & Stuart Smith in a tiny cameo.
Why does Tommy Cheng like to start his movies with a view of Lei Yei Mun port in Yau Tong distric?

The source movie for this Death Code Ninja was the sequel of Queen Bee, Revenge of the Queen Bee released shortly after the original Queen Bee, having the same cast & technical crew.

So, we finally know 'Bruce Lambert' was not the actual director of Ninja 8 Warriors of fire nor Death Code Ninja
During 2008 JoySales released on VCD a taiwanese movie titled Queen Bee, I got very happy & pleased to know this movie was the original source of one of my favourite ninja movies from Filmark & even has similar art cover & pics, so as soon as I arrived to Hong Kong, I ran to buy it but when I watched it I got dissapointed since it was a very nice movie, it wasnt' the Queen Bee I was looking for. TOOOOOO BAAAAAAAD

Original taiwanese poster for Queen Bee's revenge

The actress Lu I Chan, was a regular face in many movies released by Filmark, not only the cut & paste ones. Tomas Tang used to credit her as Juliet Chan. Check her filmo at HKMDB here:

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  1. Here's a video cover for JOY OF LIVING DEAD:

  2. I believe that the title JOY FOR LIVING DEAD most likely refers to the fact that the central characters are dead inside - just going through the motions...

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    I have just tried the link but nothing happens. I would like to see the art cover of joy of the living dead since my copy was just an old VHS transferred to DVD. And the new posters from IFD are just NEW nothing to do with old ones!

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    If you go to the Kung Fu Cinema forum:

    Check out the album called "IFD / Filmark Ninja Actioner" - you'll find it there!

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