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sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

The Golden Ninja Warrior movies

Along the years Joseph Lai's IFD developed some sagas among all the genres they offered. The first one was the Thunderbolt saga which included titles such as Mission Thunderbolt, Inferno Thunderbolt and so on, later when the ninja craze started he did a similar movement creating the Ninja Operation & Ninja Knight sagas, but there is one which was never labelled as an official saga by the company & it is maybe the most recognizable one by the IFD films fans: The Golden Ninja Warrior films.
A true icon from IFD

These films are a collection of 4 unrelated movies which, of course, can work on an independent way from each others. The only link between them is the scary figure of the Golden Ninja Warrior which gives to his holder the supreme power to rule the ninja empire. How was this long nosed ninja spirit created? Who was the designer? Where can we buy our own Golden ninja Warrior "action figure"? All these questions will be kept without answers since I don't have a clue about it, but we can check the movies inspired by this weird golden goblin.

Main body of mighty Golden Ninja Warrior

The saga was NINJA TERMINATOR. The script of this movie tells us how 3 renegade ninjas steal from their master the Golden ninja warrior in order to get the supreme power. The ninja empire will send after them some ninja killers but all of them will fail in their tasks to recover the valuable statuette. Finally 2 of the robbers will be challenged by the empire's envoy & only one of them will survive to hold the ninja supremacy.

The original source of the movie is a korean-Hk coproduction starring korean lead actors Wong Cheng Li & Jack Lam ( he was a regular from some Asso Asia actioners). The title of this movie is still a mistery since there is not international title for it. Checking throught the net, I found an interesting clue among the posts of the very best ninja site

Korean magazine ads about the ogirinal movie used for Ninja Terminator

-Golden Ninja Warrior is supposed to be a sequel to Ninja Termitator since it opens with its final battle while a off-voice explains to us that the ninja empire is again on danger & the Golden Ninja Warrior figure has to be return to China for a ceremony. Apart from this pasted scenes from Ninja Terminator & the explanation, we will never see the Golden Ninja Warrior & the movie has nothing to do with it.

The main actor is a richard Harrison lookalike guy labeled as Donald Owen ( we will se him again but uncredited in Ninja knight: thunderfox & Rage of the ninjas), he ordered to scort the Golden nija warrior to China and protect his female classmate from tha attackts of the villanous ninjas & a police officer in love with her.

¿Donal Owen? Is this his real name??? Who knows?

Queenie Yang??? She was credite in other IFD movies as Morna Lee!!!!

Golden Ninja Warrior possibly is the only IFD ninja movie that has not cut & pasted shots ( if we forget the intro). It is a genuine taiwanese ninja movie bought by Lai & re-edited and re-dubbed for the international markets.

Original Spanish video art cover

The final showdown of Golden Ninja Warrior was shot in Sanhjih, a North west city near Taipei that was relatively popular by its UFO houses, a kind of bizarre architechtonical futuristic tourist resort. This place was shown in another taiwanese ninja & action movies such as White Phantom, Ninja the Violent sorcerer or Super Dragon's dynamo.

This place was fully bulldozed & demolished in 2009.

-Diamond Ninja Force (aka Ghost Ninja) is the true & only direct sequel to Ninja Terminator, here Gordon holds the Golden Ninja Warrior to protect his friend's family & avoid the black ninja empire controls the land where a supreme magical power is buried. Ninja magic Vs black ninja magic Vs horny female ghosts.

Once again the main body of the movie is a taiwanese ghost movie which was added new shots starring Richard Harrison & some scenes we previously saw in Inferno Thunderbolt.
In Diamond Ninja Force the bad guy is Donald Kong Do, the former ninja leader in Ninja Terminator. After having lost the Golden ninja Warrior is forced to use Black ninja Magic in order to recover his previous power. Since Gordon has the Golden Ninja Warrior to protect the world, the vicious bad ninja will use the Black Ninja statuette for his crimes.

Donald Kong Do reprises his role from Ninja Terminator in Diamond Ninja Force

Jack Sun who was one of the ninjas assigned to recover the Golden ninja warrior in Ninja Terminator plays here another role.

Jack Sun always was behind Philip Ko while working in IFD

-The Ultimate Ninja is the last appereance of the Golden Ninja Warrior figure. In this last chapter, a vicious ninja steals the Black ninja statuette & also try to steal the Golden Ninja warrior to gain all the power & become the Ultimate ninja. But the good ninjas will do everything to stop this villanous actions.

The Ultimate Ninja was made using a thai action movie that tells the story of 3 brothers & sisters who join to help their place against local gangsters. It happens that one of them is a Ninja.

German video art cover

The Ultimate Ninja was done after Richard Harrison left IFD & Bruce Baron took Harrison's place. This movie, as the other 3 movies starring by Bruce Baron for IFD, was choreographed by Philip Ko.
Bruce Baron replaced Richard Harrison in the last chapter of The Golden Ninja Warrior saga

After The Ultimate Ninja the Golden Ninja Warrior dissapeared & we couldn't enjoy more ninja adventures starred by a long-nosed goblin who holds the ninja supremacy secrets! But this statuette will be always in our mind as an icon of insane entertainment.

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  1. Que bueno encontrar tu blog. A mi me encantan estas peliculas, aunque mi esposa piensa que estoy algo loco. :)

  2. y no le falta razon a tu esposa hehehehheheehehe

    Pero bueno, fijate si yo estare loco por estas pelis que hasta he hecho un blog totalmente dedicado a ellas!

    un saludo!

  3. Ainda só conferi o Ninja Terminator. Tentarei assistir então a essas quase-sequelas.

    Um abraço desde Portugal.

    Pedro Pereira

  4. amigo Pedro. Try to get them in some online shops such as amazon or ( this one offers these movies really cheap). You can't find downloading files in this blog. Only information.

    Bienvenido! Espero que te guste!

  5. One thing that has always intrigued me is the choice of "ninja" colors in these movies, this saga being a good example. First, the official color of the evil ninja empire in Ninja Terminator was red, while the three renegade ninjas were black. Later on, our friend Harry (I think this is the only ninja movie where Richard Harrison was not named Gordon) changes his outfit to camouflaged. In Golden Ninja Warrior, the evil female ninja was again red, while the two good ninjas were black. In Diamond Ninja Force, it's completely different: Harry becomes Gordon and changes his camouflaged outfit to red, while the evil ninja goes from red to black. The same order of colors is seen in Ultimate Ninja, where the good ninja is red, while the evil ones are black... it's a real mess out there.
    By the way, on the same matter, in Ninja Dragon Gordon is a camouflaged ninja throughout the movie, and for the final battle he becomes a black ninja... couldn't they keep it coherent?