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martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Pedro Ernyes: The Colombian Connection at IFD & Filmark

Among the supporting western actors seen in dozens IFD & FILMARK movies there are a group of them who always catch the attention of the audience because they can play just a mere extra in a film & then a main role in another film or just a supporting role at IFD & main actor at Filmark. Pedro Ernyes, a colombia-born guy, was one of them. Maybe the most important one.

I am not sure but Eric / Joe Redner could also be another alyas for Pedro Ernyes.

Pedro Ernyes was first seen as extra in Ronnie Yu's LEGACY OF RAGE, the first film Brandon Lee played in Hong Kong. Ernyes has some screen time as a jail prisonner along other IFD & Filmark actors and opposite to the other ones, Ernyes was not ever seen again on more Hong Kong movies but he became a big figure at IFD & Filmark for several reasons.

Ernyes shared the screen with Stuart Smith, Jonathan Isgar & other Louis Roth's students many many times

After his experience on Legacy of Rage, Pedro Ernyes started a fruitful career on IFD doing many supporting roles in movies like Ninja Champion, Challenge the ninja, The ultimate ninja & many more movies starred by the "Louis Roth's actors team". But Ernyes was not only interested on playing his acting skills in front of the camera. Behind the scenes he recruited new talents ( backpackers & travellers) from Mirador Mansions & Chungking Mansions to play on IFD & Filmark productions. He became an agent for Joseph Lai & Tomas Tang & he used to collect 10 HK$ /hour out of the 50HK$ / hour the actors used to earn for his services.

Pedro Ernyes was too active in front & behind the scene for several years in Garley Gallery, the building where IFD & Filmark office were located back then.

His "behind the scenes" jobs, made him a bit unpopular among the other regular IFD / Filmark actors. Some people remember him as a shady character, others say he became dodgey & unreliable. Even so, he was able to pass from supporting roles at IFD to play main roles at Filmark playing the villain in movies such as Silver Dragon Ninja or The thundering ninja; in both movies he played an evil ninja who wants to control the world in the same way Fu-Manchu wanted to do the same.
Ernyes as Roger Kinski, the evil ninja who wants to control the world in Silver Dragon Ninja

His last role as ninja was at Ocean Shores NINJA VS NINJA, a movie that tried to imitate IFD & Fiilmark ways using a previously released movie just adding new scenes. Pedro Ernyes, as I stated above, became into an important guy for IFD & Filmark: he was an actor, he was an agent, he was clever to ask to his "recruits" to bring more friends with them & then he changed his acting skills for dubbing so he formed a team of dubbers at Filmark.

As always, he played another power-hungry ninja in Ocean Shores's Ninja Vs Ninja against Eric Neff who also played a role in Silver Dragon Ninja

Pedro Ernyes as most of regular actors / technicians at IFD & Filmark used several names during his stage as actor in both IFD & Filmark as well as his time as dubbing director. So we have him credited as Pedro Ernyes on IFD title credits, as Pedro Hughes on Filmark & then as Pedro Massobrio when he was dubbing at Tomas Tang's company.

Ouch! Last night dinner was deadlier than any ninja weapon!

Oh, one last thing. It was told Pedro Ernyes was the one who spread the rumour of the disappearance / death of Pierre Kirby during a yatch trip to the Philippines. Was it true? False?

If only we could contact Mr Ernyes to confirm it!!!!

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