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viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

From Bloodsport to being killed by Jonathan Isgar: Christine Redmen

About one year ago, I wrote an entry in this humble blog about western actors who worked in Van Damme's Bloodsport as supporting actors or just mere extras but later they got main roles at IFD & Filmark. You may check it again clicking the link below

Now I would like to continue this post because I recently I have re-watched Bloodsport one more time & I have found more faces, names & nameless actors on this movie who later brighted on IFD & Filmark productions.

If I say the name of Christine Redmen, you may don't know who is that person, right? If I say the name of Christine Wells I suppose you may have the same indeferent feeling, right? Then who the hell is Christine Redmen/ Wells? To start with, we can tell she is the female main actress in NINJA PHANTOM HERO USA (aka Ninja Empire) one of the four ninja movies Jonathan Isgar played for Filmark and my favourite one.

Where I have seen this face before????

Christine Wells as she is credited in this Filmark production plays an undercover female cop who helps the hero Glen (Glen Carson) to fight against the evilish Morris (Jonathan Isgar). During the movie we know she is named Christine but nicknamed "Yellow bird". I don't know why but I liked her since the first time I watched Ninja Phantom Hero Usa. Maybe because not too many Filmark movies had women in leading roles to be killed ( except the one in Counter destroyer, aka Robovampire 2) or maybe because I got the feeling I had seen her in another movie but I could not remember which one....until yesterday!

A moustached Glen Carson was Jonathan Isgar's nemesis in 4 ninja movies from Filmark. Christine Redmen got a fatal destiny in Ninja Phantom hero Usa

Bloodsport was a shocking experience for me when I first saw it. A shocking experience but in the right way. I loved the movie because I saw many faces from kung movies playing modern day action, I loved the movie because it was shot in Hong Kong & I love Hong Kong so much as my own home & of course I enjoyed the action because the fighting scenes were superb, specially if you saw this movie on big screen as I did for the very first time!... then, yesterday, I had nothing to do after lunch & the babies were sleeping so I decided to watch Bloodsport again & then...She was there...yes...Christine Wells was in Bloodsport as Paulo Tocha, Eric Neff, Wayne Archer or Ken Boyle were...All of them got roles at IFD & Filmark so Christine "Yellow bird" Wells did!
I got you, Christine!!

Eating & having lunch happily in Bloodsport...

Just to be killed by Jonathan Isgar at the climax of Ninja Phantom, hero Usa

Christine Wells had her seconds of glory in bloodsport sharing the screen with Philip Chan, Forrest Whitaker & Norman Burton. After I realiced she was the main female star of Ninja Phantom hero Usa I tried to find her in more scenes along the running time of Bloodsport but it was in vain she had dissapeared from screen until the end title credits where she was credited under her real name: Christine Redmen

I have not more clues about Christine Redmen and her movie career because apart from her tiny cameo in Bloodsport & her role in Filmark's Ninja Phantom, hero Usa I haven't seen her in more productions. Any clue, information about her will be specially well appreciated.

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