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lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

Curse of the IFD THUNDERBOLT series 8: Headsman Thunderbolt

It seems the word THUNDERBOLT was a lucky word to IFD Films since it has been the most used one on its movie titles since Joseph Lai started his own way without Tomas Tang after they closed Asso Asia. Most of 'Thunderbolt' movies had in common Richard Harrison, taiwanese (or taiwanese co-productions) movies as source movies, Philip Ko and decent edit work. Beyond the official Thunderbolt movies there were others that they have just re-titled & they have nothing to do with the previous ones. So checking IFD official catalog we can find this HEADSMAN THUNDERBOLT, a taiwanese action movie that lacks all the common features seen in other Thunderbolt movies.

Gangster 'a la' John Woo wearing black clothes & sun glasess, eroticsm & raw violence BUT it is not an original Thunderbolt movie!

To start with, Headsman thunderbolt is not dubbed into english & it doesn't have new added shots with western actors. Headsman thunderbolt is just an original taiwanese movie that has been retitled adding Thunderbolt word. The synopsis is just in chinese so we could say Headsman Thunderbolt is just for local market, not like the others that were edited & dubbed into english pointing to international sales.

Not a Thunderbolt movie, but I would really like to own a copy of this taiwanese movie.

Unluckily I don't have any kind of techinal details about this IFD production but whoever could be interested on it can check the trailer at IFD official website.

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