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lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

The Undercovers have been finally Uncovered

Filmark was always after IFD. I mean if IFD distributed ninja movies, Filmark did the same, when IFD distributed modern day actioners, Filmark of course, also followed and so on when kickboxing movies were cool.

IFD used many thai movies as source movie for its "cut & paste" products and no need to say Filmark also bought a bunch of thai action movies to world wide distribution. Here we get THE UNDERCOVERS.
The movie tells us the story of a group of prisonners trying to scape & redeem themselves for their crimes & how a special commando traces them. We also have a thai spy movie about some missiles & a group of bandits trying to get them.

As usual in a Filmark movie, the new added scenes were directed by Donald Kong Do & ex -vemon Sun Chien. The actors were the same we saw in The Jaguar Project & other many films from Filmark althought his names were always different from movie to movie.

Spanish VHS art cover

Among the western actors, we have Brent Gilbert, credited as Brent Rivers who had worked previously worked for IFD in War City saga against Mike Abbott. Rivers, was from New Zealand, tried to raise himself as an action hero in a serious way. He played his roles at IFD with conviction & tried but failed to do the same at Filmark because he was too overacted on his movies at Tomas Tang's productions. Then he moved to the Philippines & he starred a very nice movie titled Battle Rats. After his filipino experience he went back to his homeland were he works in a radio station in Auckland.

French Art cover displayed at

Other Western actors from THE UNDERCOVERS were Paul John Stanners & Alan English, the red-haired guy from The project Jaguar. Both, Stanners & English worked for IFD & they also had roles in bigger productions such as Angel Enforcers or Burning Ambition just to mention 2 of them.
The Thai actors from the original movie are the popular Sorapong Chatri & Krung Svrilai who made hundreds of action films during the 70's & the 80's. Many of their movies were bought & released by Joseph Lai & Tomas Tang making them well-known among the people who enjoy asian trash cinema.

Brent Gilbert (aka Brent Rivers, aka Jack Gilber). Holding a machine gun Paul John Stanners & then we have Alan English who was Stanners artistic couple in several Filmark movies.

But the most important thing is I have UNCOVERED the original thai movie Tomas Tang bought to design his film. It is SAO 5

Original thai poster for SAO 5

Just check the two screenshots below

Spanish VHS

Original thai dvd, avaliable on

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