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lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Tomas Tang's Crime Target

Not too long ago, Spannick a member of Cinehound uploaded some magnificent pressbooks of IFD & Filmark. I was told about this by some good friends as Jack & Ninjanixon about this wonderful present Spannick kindly offered to all of us.

I was very surprised to find out many FILMARK pressbooks that belongs to some movies I didn't know they existed! I didn't have idea Tomas Tang produced titles like Top Secret or Fatal Command. But the one catched my attention was CRIME TARGET.

The art design is the usual Filmark International design showing us exploding helicopters, people running away from explosions or bullets & huge weapons.

Then, inside we can see the synopsis, some snapshots from the original movie & many pics of the western actors from the new added shots.

Then, finally, we see a pic from the original shot where we can appreciate the original thai source movie was from the end of the 70's or so... plus the Filmark contact address in Hong Kong located in the sadly famous Garley Gallery.

I thought the art cover was great & I remembered I had seen it before in a Thai movies web & it took my attention because it remembered me that Charlton Heston's classic Two-Minute Warning directed in 1976 by Larry Peerce.

So here, it is the orginal thai movie used by Tomas Tang to create his Crime Target, a 1980 production starred by Sombat Methanee. Tomas Tang was too lazy to create a new design for his new movie, he just used the same model as the original . Maybe he thought, no one outside Thailand will pay attention to this production.

Here you have the original synopsis we can read in

A police inspector has lost his wife during an intervention. Since that time, he is a lonely policeman and is well known to kill bad guys with one bullet only with his magnum 357. He has a new teammate, who is the daughter of the head of the police. During one intervention, he killed two men that are brothers of a third tough guy. This one promises to revenge his two dead brothers. The revenge fails and they take a school bus in hostage. The tough guys are working for Chatree who is a nightclub owner. Chatree's daughter is inside the group. They request the policeman to bring a ransom. They bury alive the inspector and Chatree's wife. Finally the inspector and his partner succeeds to get back the children. Maybe it is the Thai version of "Dirty Harry".

Now, the target is to locate both films!!!!!

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