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jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Curse of the IFD THUNDERBOLT series 6: Grudge of the Sleepwalking Woman (Mongnyeohan) aka Scorpion Thunderbolt

Having good mates & friends such as Jack Jensen & Andrew Leavold is a real pleasure because they don't only share my passion for rare, weird & obscure flicks but they help me to dig & collect information about those movies sending me links, lists, dates and whatever I may need. This same morning I have got one of these priceless tips from Jack about the source movie IFD used to create SCORPION THUNDERBOLT. I have to admit I have doubts about that info because I was convinced Scorpion Thunderbolt was designed using a Taiwanese horror movie & Jack said it was done using a Korean movie produced in 1983 titled GRUDGE OF THE SLEEPWALKING WOMAN (Mongnyeohan, 1983). I answered him in a snobbish way I couldn't accept this info as true since Scorpion thunderbolt locations is full of Taiwanese locations & backgrounds ( neon lights with chinese letters, cars, buses, streets & even its atmosphere is taiwanese!!!) but I had to confirm it so I ran into KMDB & I started my own search of the truth & this is what I found about GRUDGE OF THE SLEEPWALKING WOMAN (Mongnyeohan):

One night in Taipei, a female factory worker is killed on her way home. Koh Kang-young, the lead detective, concludes that she was killed by a poisonous snake from the bite marks left on the victim's neck. Reporter Lee Ok-jung rebuts his theory in her article. Through this incident, Detective Koh and Ok-jung meet frequently and they become friends. Afterwards, two more women are killed in the same manner. It is revealed that Ok-jung can't account for her whereabouts for each murder. When another murder is committed, Detective Koh finds out the truth about Ok-jung. When Ok-jung was three, a unique snake bit her. Therefore, she kills people by biting them like a poisonous snake.
There was no mistake on Jack's information! but I was also right!!!...Scorpion Thunderbolt used Grudge of the sleepingwalking woman, a korean movie shot in Taiwan!!!

The image & the cursive text is from KMDB.

I truly dedicate this entry to Jack Jensen for his kindness!

6 comentarios:

  1. I think "snobbish" is a little strong here, LOL. You were doubtful but that's understandable. There's so much bad info about these movies in Cyberspace that we always have to double check everything. Glad I could help out. I myself have wondered and pondered about that original version for years!

  2. Thanks for your words, Jack. I am not good at nothing special but I have been on IFD movies, locations, people for many years & sometimes I get a bit conceited about what I know about these movies. THanks to friends like you, Andrew or Fred NinjaDixon, I have got more information in less time than when I have been searching by myself for years!

    Thanks a lot, again!

  3. Hi Jesus Manuel!
    I added your blog to my blogroll. It's great!
    I hope you can do the same

    The agregué a mi blogroll, ojalá puedas hacer lo mismo. Te felicito por tu blog, es buenísimo, muy buena información!

  4. Gracias amigo, ya estás añadido!...creo que te tengo como amigo en el facebook y he visitado tu site infinidad de veces. Es un verdadero honor tenerte por aqui y te agradezco de corazon tus palabras
    Un abrazo!

  5. Hi Jesus Manuel, well done with Jack Jensen, I'll add the info in my critic of the film!

    I also found a better image of the original drawing used for the VHS cover:

    It's apparently a Thai poster, but the drawing is definitely about the good movie. You can see the car with many snakes on the windshield (refering to a similar scene in the film), as well as the woman tortured by a man sending Billiard/Pool balls between her legs, in a typical "exploitation flicks" way.

  6. Wow!!! I love that thai poster. I am going to ask my good friend Jub from Thailand if he may has this movie. It would be great to get it on its original cut.
    Thanks a lot for the pic!!!