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viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

A Chat with The Ultimate Ninja by Shitcasecinema

I still remember Easter of 2008, it was about that date when I first contacted by email & then by phone with Mike Abbott. I was tremedously happy and I felt myself very lucky because I had been talking with one of my childhood favourite movie villains...during the late 80's I have been watching most of IFD movies he played and also the ones Mike Abbott starred in Indonesia. So, I can't explain with words how happy I was when I knew Mike Abbott was in the other side of the telephone line!!!!

A pic of Mike Abbott  & I in Hong Kong taken the first time we met on January 2009.
Then, of course, the communication among us continued and eventually we met in Hong Kong. There are a lot of priceless memories of conversations, jokes, meetings...etc. Five years have passed since then and now, it is Easter again and while I was searching some videos on YouTube, I have found the following one.
This video-phone interview has been done by the guys from Shitcasecinema  and that happiness memories have just come back to me when I listened Mike Abbott giving to the interviewer many of the same answers he gave me 5 years back!

I won't get tired to repeat Mike Abbott is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. A gentleman and a good-hearted giant who tought I was Danny De Vito's twin brother the very first time we met in Central Station in Hong Kong.

It is a pity we can't see Mike Abbott more oftenly in Hong Kong movies, specially right now when many western actors are again in front of the camera like in the old good days.

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  1. That's a cool interview on YOuTube.

    And I can certainly imagine how exciting it must have been for you to get the chance to speak to an old "hero", Jesus Manuel!!

  2. Thank you! Very fun.

  3. Excelente post Jesus, muchas gracias por compartirlo. Te quiero invitar a mi nuevo Blog de Cine de Terror que seguramente te gustará, espero tus comentarios en:

    Un gran saludo, Oz.

  4. Nice to meet you. I appreicate your blog full of ninja movie information. Keep in touch.

  5. jesus, do you remember me??? can you give me your email account don't know where it is can't find it anymore!!


  6. my email account is

    would be happy to hear from you golden ninja warrior!!