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martes, 29 de junio de 2010

My Name is Mauser, Ernest Mauser

After more than a month without any kind of updates dued to the birth of my second baby & the slow ( and expensive) recovery of my poor wife, I come back with a special (at least to me) entry to this humble blog. An entry dedicated to the western actor who has appeared in hundreds Hong Kong movies but was never credited on them. I was lucky enough to meet him in Hong Kong in February & June 2009.

We have seen him in dozens, hundreds of HK movies along the years, we have recogniced him movie after movie while he was playing police officers, casino attendants, guest at parties, piano player, mafia boss, priest, envoy, prisoner, bar client, tourist & countless roles during the two decades that HK cinema golden age lasted...and he is still active as long as I have seen him in Johnnie To's Sparrow & I met him in hong Kong last year.!

I am talking about Ernest Mauser, the man who played the pianist who hides guns under his work tool on John Woo's A Bullet in the head, the police officer in charge at the beggining of Angel terminators 2...counting all his movie credits would be annoying & boring, so that's why I prefer to include here his filmography as listed on, no need to say, it is an uncompleted filmography since most of Mr Mauser roles during the 80's & 90's were bit roles or just cameos & not all those cameos are collected in his filmography.

Here I show the movies where Ernest Mauser is credited on HKMDB but I also added some other titles that HKMDB doesn't mention but have Ernest Mauser on the cast. Anyway, as I stated above I can't consider this filmography as a completed one...there is always some missing titles aorund.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (1983)

The Champions (1983)...VIP at soccer stadium opening

The Big Sting (1984)...Hu Jin's funeral attendee

The Seventh Curse (1986)...Party guest

Legacy of Rage (1986)... Prisoner

Dragons Forever (1987)... Client at bar

I Love Maria (1988)...Hero Gang's engineer

Final Justice (1988)...Hostage

Casino Raiders (1989)...Casino patron

Aces Go Places V (1989)...police officer

Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (1989)...Welcoming party at pier

Perfect Match (1989)...Funeral attendee

Mr. Coconut (1989)...Air passenger

The Iron Butterfly (1989)

How to Be a Millionaire (1989)

Thank You, Sir (1989)...Snr Police Officer

Dream of Desire (1989)

God of Gamblers II (1990)

When Fortune Smiles (1990)...Comes out of toilet [cameo]

Bullet in the Head (1990)...pianist

Undeclared War (1990)

Curry & Pepper (1990)...Guest at birthday party

Watch out officer (1990)... Ceaucescu

Return engagement (1990)... police officer

No Risk, No Gain (1990)...Spectator at gambling competition

Queen's High (1991)

Shogun And Little Kitchen (1992)...Uncle Bo's customer

Mary From Beijing (1992)

Once Upon a Time in China II (1992)...soldier

Casino Tycoon (1992)

The Magic Touch (1992)...Priest at clinic

Fight Back to School III (1993)...Party musician

Angel Terminators 2 (1993)

Vampire Family (1993)

Rape in Public Sea (1993)

Sam the Iron Bridge - Champion of Martial Arts (1993)...Foreign envoy

Ghost Lantern (1993)...cop

Raped By An Angel (1993) guest

Always On My Mind (1993)

My Hero II (1993)

Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994)...Snr Police Officer

Let's Go Slam Dunk (1994)

One Arm Hero (1994)...Foreign envoy

Organized Crime & Triad Bureau (1994)

Police Confidential (1995)...councilor

Dream Lover (1995)

Spike Drink Gang (1995)

Young and Dangerous 2 (1996)

God of Gamblers 3 - The Early Stage (1996)...Audience member

Theft Under the Sun (1997)...Paterson's contact

Hitman (1998)

Extreme Challenge (2001)

Horror Hotline... Big Head Monster (2001)

Brothers (2007)

Sparrow (2008)...Tourist

But Ernest Mauser is not in this blog because he is probably (well, not probably, let's say surely) the most prolific western actor in Hong Kong Movies. No, my friends, he is here because he also worked under Tomas Tang's Filmark in some of the most memorable & funniest movies from Tang's factory.

James Crockett, another great guy who is never credited on HK movies along with Ernest Mauser on Ringo Lam's Undeclared War

Ernest Mauser played the vicious mafia boss in Robovampire, a criminal whose name, Martin Cole, was used again in Ninja force of Assassins where he insists on trading drugs but using ninjas instead chinese vampires but the results were the same in both movies althought he is smart enought to scape to death or being caught by police & once again Martin Cole strikes back on Cocrodrile Fury...this time our anti-hero tries to expand his drug empire hiring a witch!!!!!...not even Fu-Manchu was so clever enough.

Great scene from RoboVampire

Ernest Mauser Filmography at Filmark

Robovampire... Martin Cole

Ninja, force of assassins... Martin Cole

Cocrodile Fury... Martin Cole

Project G-7

Ernest Mauser is from Canada, he has a very reserved character & when I met him he denied he is an actor, he was totally unaware about the cult following Robovampire has around the world. When I showed him some of his movies at Filmark, he tried to hide a feeling of surprise & anger since he didn't know the fotage shot during 15 or 20 days he worked for Tomas Tang was used in at least 4 different movies. He thought he was just an extra on those productions but althought he was never credited under his real name, he was the main villain on them with a lot of screen time.

Angel Terminators 2

At the begining, when we first met by chance ( we were staying in the same hostel in kowloon!!!! is true), his attitude towards me was not so close. He surely thought I was crazy when I first talked to him asking if he was an actor...he denied, later some other people around us talked to me he was the actor but he was quite shy to talk about it...

Mr Mauser shaved his moustache on his cameo appareance on Samo Hung's Dragons Forever

Later, after I showed him I was a fan of his characters on screen & I have a lot of movies & I was searching information about him & other western actors, he changed...He realized I was not joking or making fun of him...I made copies of some of his movies he didn't know he worked in & then we spent almost 4 hours talking about HK cinema.

Ernest Mauser & Jesus Manuel after being chatting for hours about HK cinema

I hope this pic can show that I am not kidding & I felt extremely honoured to have met the man who made me enjoy some of the craziest but funniest movies ever come from Hong Kong.