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viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

Taiwanese Black Movies at IFD & Filmark ( Part 25): Majestic Thunderbolt

First of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and I would also would like to let you know that this site is not dead. I know I don't update it so regularly as before but every new information, news, questions and answers, posters, pics, users contributions etc about IFD & Filmark are being published in Facebook, so if you want to join it, just click here, be welcomed & feel at home.

I want to start 2014, uncovering, unmasking and confirming once for all all the wrong information about the movie used by IFD for Majestic Thunderbolt and of course, offering the true information about the movie used by IFD for this Thunderbolt movie. Not so many months ago, someone in the FB group claimed several times that Majestic Thunderbolt was done using as main body a taiwanese movie titled Red Rattlesnake. He based his opinion on the HKMD profile of this film.
At last!...after several years searching it...we found the treasure!
As soon as he conteacted me by PM, I explained him my doubts because the information displayed wasn't enough to confirm it. Even if many of the actors were the same in both movies, it wasn't enough evidence because at certain time many actors work together in several movies at once. I think there is no need to explain how prolific HK film industry was 25 years ago.

IFD erased this scene from the final edit of Majestic Thunderbolt!

Also there aren't many avaliable picture of Red Rattlesnake around so I didn't want to give a definitive answer about this matter in order to not spread more  false & wrong information. But as always, when a dilemma needs a right solution, I told to Teddy Wong from HKMDB it would be nice to solve this mistery in the same way we solved the one related to Scorpion Thunderbolt.
This Thai Poster of Red RattleSnake gives some hints to unmask the film.

 It is very curious that IFD have tons of movies on its catalog but the audience of these movies mainly prefer these two movies among all the remaining ones. I am still very surprised about it & I don't really understand it becuase we can find many crazier & funnier movies on IFD shelves. Anyway, 2 days ago, I got a messagge from Teddy Wong and he finally can confirm, with no mistakes that Majestic Thunderbolt was done using Red Rattlesnake as main source.
I can't risk myself telling by this picture, this is the movie used on IFD's Majestic Thunderbolt
The evidence of this matter can be found on the new pictures you can see here as well as displayed on Red Rattlesnake profile on HKMDB. Now, as it always happens on these cases, we only need to find a copy of it...and of course, the search is already on.

The pic of the cruxified bloke and the pic below are the proof I needed to find to be 100% sure this was the movie we were looking for!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 and keep in touch!

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