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domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

IFD at its weirdest film: Official Exterminator 3- Joy For Living Dead ( aka Ninja Knight 4- Joy for living dead)

If you thought Joseph Lai's IFD offered us during years the wackiest but funniest movies ever made in Hong Kong, you were right. But we have to add another adjetives to wacky & funny if you want to enjoy & understand a bit better IFD universe, those adjetives are WEIRD, BIZARRE, and specially for this movie, INDESCRIBABLE. What's the reason for this?- The answer is this IFD movie: Official Exterminator 3: Joy for the living dead that was also edited on tape in some countries as Ninja Knight 4: Joy the living dead.

sOriginal art cover for this bizarre movie. In some countries Official Exterminator was changed into Ninja Knight 4

To start with, what the hell means Joy living dead???? Who gave that title? Was Eagle Leung, the art designer hired by Joseph Lai to create his fantastic video covers? The reason for this title may be caused as a direct consecuence of the previous entry Ninja Knight 3: Heaven's Hell ( aka Official Exterminator 2: Heaven's Hell), a title that tries to take us into a supernatural, unearthly feeling but it just takes us into confussion and even misinterpretation since there is not a single zombi, living dead or ghost in these movies.

New IFD art design for this Philip Ko work at IFD

Anyway, the reason explained above is not a strong evidence to tell Official Externinator 3: Joy for living dead is the weirdest IFD movie I have ever seen. Just remember Ninja Terminator...Where is the Terminator in the movie? or Ninja Dragon Where the hell Godfrey Ho hid the dragon of the title?...and so on.
Then WHAT'S THE REASON to tell Joy for the living dead is the weirdest, most bizarre & wackiest movie ever produced by IFD?
THE REASON is the source movie Philip Ko used as main body. YES, that's the reason. We know IFD used Taiwanese, Filipino, Thai or Korean action movies as main body for its cut & paste films, but this time Philip Ko was beyond and he used an EROTIC BRAZILIAN movie for his new film.

Original brazilian artwork for Doce Delirio. Check the picture.

He could have used countless korean erotic thrillers as he used in some episodies for War City saga, he could have used many taiwanese erotic action films also used by IFD like they did in Golden ninja warrior or Rage of the ninja...but he used a brazilian erotic movie. The only non-asian movie ever used & distributed by IFD.

A snapshot from Official Exterminator 3: Joy for living dead. This must be the most famous moment of the movie since it was used for the original movie poster

DOCE DELIRIO, the film Philip Ko chose to create his Official Exterminator 3: Joy For Living Dead, was directed by Manoel Paiva in 1983. This erotic drama was starred but Brazil Diva Claudia Alencar who is still working in Brazilian film industry. Philip Ko & Joseph Lai, at least, kept her name in the credits & this detail has allowed me to investigate about this matter.
At first when I played Official Exterminator 3: Joy for Living dead, I thought the source movie was indonesian or just another filipino drama because the photography & screenplay from both countries is apparently extremely similar but there was something that was weirder than usually.

Back artcover used by IFD, the famous shot is also included on it!!!

Recently, Doce Delirio has been re-edited in Brazil in a collector's edition. Of course, this edition contains the original Manoel Paiva cut only. I haven't watched it yet, but I truly recommend to track down the Philip Ko cut because as I stated above this is the weirdest & most bizarre movie ever done by IFD. There is no doubts Official Exterminator 3: Joy for living dead ( aka Ninja Knight 4: Joy for living dead) is one of those gems for die-hard trash movies collectors.
Original brazilian DVD cover

Once again, I have to recognice IFD productions still amaze me. No other production company from Hong Kong offered such madness & entertainment at such low costs. We can't forget Mike Abbott became into a cult actor dued to these movies he starred at IFD.

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