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domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

Lover & Killer ( aka A Fierce Lady) is at home: Turning the impossible into possible 2!!!

The title of this entry it is just the only one I could have given because these days I got another personal goal since I started to investigate about IFD & Filmark. One of the most important one was when on May 2010 I got a good bunch of unreleased or barely released IFD movies on DVD from a legal distributor in South Africa. You may check it HERE. I also have commented many times my love for Ninja Knight Thunderfox & the taiwanese movie used on it, you may check also HERE & HERE.
Today, Thanks to Toby Russell, a person who has been working on Asian films since he was a teenager & a great guy who has released many great movies throught his Eastern Heroes & other labels, sent me the original movie used on Ninja Knight ThunerFox: A Fierce Lady. A movie that I have been looking for years since I saw the IFD edited version in 1990 for first time.
Just imagine how nervous & anxious I was when the postman delivered the package to me!!!...The moments before I opened it & I played were priceless, I was like a child waiting to open his new toys! So, eventually, my dream of watching the original film became true...and now the best is coming...

While I was researching information about this taiwanese movie along with Teddy Wong from HKMDB, we find out the art cover & the title, A Fierce Lady, but the English titled displayed on screen on the copy Toby Russell sent me we can see the English title was Lover & Killer.

And, and, and...the it includes English subtitles!!!! the experience of watching it, was a real pleasure since I could follow the original storyline and this fact delivered me another surprise... The new edited version with new fotage starring Mike Abbott & Marko Ritchie just follow the same original storyline...and even the dialogs are exacly the same in both versions. IFD just added the new fotage & adapted it to the original one without any changes!
While I was watching Lover & Killer, I got surprised that IFD even didn't change the order of some scenes as it happened in some other movies or as it happened in most of the movies edited by Filmark. In this case IFD version just follow the original edited version.

The only changed made by IFD was the music of the OST, while IFD, as always, used a synthesizer electronic music and in this case, a part of Nighmare on Elm Street at the end battle between Mike Abbott & Marko Ritchie, the original taiwanese cut just "vampirizes"  the music from movies such as Death Wish 2 for the opening titles and some other music from other american hits during the running time.


Well, the bad news is that Lover & Killer is a very cut version for the local market. Every erotic frame has been edited out, even kisses...also some bloody action was also cut. Thankfully, the IFD version contains all the gory & erotic moments & since the dialogs & story line is the same, a fully uncut version could be possible edited...some day...

Once again, Trillions thanks to Toby Russell for his kind help and unlimited thanks for making my dream have come true!

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