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sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

RoboVampire Unpublished: Original Thai source movie Poster

There is no doubt Robovampire is one of the most well-known Tomas Tang's Filmark International films. It became an instant cult movie wherever it was released or edited. Just ask to any Hong Kong movie fan to name a Filmark movie & you will not feel surprised many of them will answer: Robovampire.

It may be the different art covers, showing a Robocop-type cyborg fighting against chinese vampires helped this film to become a cult movie. The idea itself is simply great, just imagine a bunch of teenagers who have previously enjoyed the original Robocop, holding on their hands another Robocop movie fighting Thailand drugs dealers, vampires, ghosts and he even knows Kung Fu!!!!...No one could resist to rent it.

Greek VHS cover doesn't show a Vampire but its "trashy filipino vietnam war movie" look is great

Too much has been writen about Robovampire, too many reviews, too many different opinions, too many videos on youtube BUT, have you ever get interested to know what thai movie was used by Tomas Tang & his crew to "design" Filmark's Robovampire??? Well, here you get the answer with the poster of such movie.

Few days ago, I talked to Regis Madec, webmaster of Thaiworldview who kindly helped me to find some Thai movies used by Tomas Tang & Joseph Lai. Then, Regi's friend Jub brought to me this poster that has to be shared to all the people who enjoys Robovampire. This poster means the seed of that movie, the origin of Robovampire.

I am very grateful to Fred Anderson from NinjaDixon blog, Regis Madec & Jub Classic Movie to help me during the last days to find out some of these movies. and of course, I am very grateful to Tomas Tang for offering us some of the wackiest but funniest movies ever produced.

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