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jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

IFD Spirit is Alive...NINJA THE MISSION FORCE is here.

Today is a grand day; DARKMAZE studios have already launched the website of the very best homage to IFD & its movies ever done by anyone. Not even Godfrey Ho himself would be able to do it better than Ed Glaser's studio & partners.

NINJA THE MISSION FORCE would make Joseph Lai proud because NINJA THE MISSION FORCE catches everything Mr Lai offered us almost 25 years ago. It is incredible funny & interested how IFD movies have spreaded their influence through all these years & now young filmmakers use them as inspiration for their work.

the middle 80's, Sonny Crockett, ninjas, Garfield cat telephone...what else do you need to success in the Mission Force???

IFD Films were done with the only purpose of pure entertainment, nothing else & now NINJA THE MISSION FORCE proves the above words. Ed Glaser & his team shows in a humorous but respectful way their admiration for IFD films. You can easily notice he has enjoy those movies, he knows the characters & scrips from those productions and even he use the very same cinematographic skills Godfrey Ho, Philip Ko, Ridley Tsui & others used when they were under Joseph Lai's orders.

Ninja the Protector evil ninja comes backs to action armed with new impossible dialogs and deadly eye make-up

Just check the trailer & you may understand it better: NINJA THE MISSION FORCE is the never made movie none have directed for IFD.

I really feel very proud, honored & happy Ed Glaser have let me see some parts of his work before its official release, that's why I take the chance in this site to invite all our honorable readers, followers & friends to join & get fun with NINJA THE MISSION FORCE on its official site just clicking HERE

Camo outfits with the always-nice-to-wear NINJA headband.

Yes, today is grand day but don't forget that Feb 16th will be a bigger day since NINJA THE MISSION FORCE will be premiered. If you enjoyed IFD time, you will be extremely pleased while watching NINJA THE MISSION FORCE. NINJA NINJA NINJA NINJA.....

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