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martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Ninja The Mission Force: Ninja Begininator

I suppose I am a bit late announcing NINJA THE MISSION FORCE first episode here just almost a week after its official release, but Ed Glaser's show must be here at any cost. Shame on me because my delay to put it here so late. Personal reasons & problems are taking away most of my free time...Anyway, lets forget my excuses and lets enjoy

Ninja The Mission Force: Ninja Begininator

What's your feelings after this experience? There is no doubts Ed Glaser & his people have spent a lot of time watching IFD & Filmark stuff. We just have to see the photography of Ninja The Mission Force to confirm it. Mr Glaser has caught the IFD style on every frame, on every camera movement, on every face expression...Ninja The Mission Force is IFD glory at its best: even Laser Mission fotage looks like older in order to match those thai-filipino-taiwanese-korean movies used by IFD to create its ninja adventures.

We are really looking forward the second episode!

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