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lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Ninja Demon's Massacre Unpublished: Original Thai movie poster.

Tommy Cheng Kei Ying was one of the few people along Mike Abbott or Louis Roth that worked for Filmark under his real name. He started as supporting actor at IFD with Donald Kong and later both moved to Filmark to display their skill on different fields. One of the movies Tommy Cheng was credited with his real name was Ninja Demon's Massacre starring Stuart Smith as the hero & ex-venom Sun Chien as the bald-headed villain.

It may be Cheng Kei Ying was working in several Filmark movies at the same time & he got tired ( or lazy) to shoot the same kind of stuff at one time so in this movie only 10 to 15 minutes of uninspired ninja action & even Stuart Smith looks like lost.

Ninja Demon's Massacre is done from a Thai western-actioner-anticomunist drama starred by Sorapong Chatri & his regular supporting cast. Tomas Tang & his editor re-edited the story & change the dialogs in order to be able to add thee new ninja scenes...althought the final result has not too much sense. People at Filmark got lazy like it happened at IFD with titles such as Ninja Kill, Ninja Hunt and so & they were in the hurry to put so many titles in the market as possible but their products lacked the freshness titles such as Ninja Phantom, Ninja American Warrior, Warriors of fire and others had.

The Spanish VHS art cover was great, it showed a bionic ninja holding a future weapon & helicopters & soldiers...curiously 2 of the 3 pics in the back cover belongs to Ninja Phantom Hero Usa, a film who is seen in a small tv screen during a scene of Stuart Smith with his bosses in Ninja Demon's Massacre.
Anyway, here you can see the original poster of the thai movie used by Tomas Tang for his Ninja demon's massacre.
The original thai poster includes pics of the cast & draws of some moments of the film including the western flavour. Sometimes I wonder what was Tommy Cheng Kei Ying & Tomas Tang thinking when they choose this thai movie to create a ninja adventure????

Thanks to Regis Madec from & Jub Classic movie for their kind help.

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  1. Ep compñaro! sería interesante recalcar que el cartel de MASACRE NINJA es un refrito del de la italianada CY-WARRIOR, que a su vez era una copia del de DESTROYER.
    Curiosidades del mundo del exploit!.
    Saludos mil.