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sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Taiwan Black Movies at IFD / Filmark (part 6): Kill Butterfly Kill

May is a very busy month for spanish people. we have to prepare the yearly Tax declaration & we have to pay a lot different taxes. This month, my younger brother also got married so all these matters have kept me away from the need to say that since NINJA THE MISSION FORCE series has ended its first season, I have down the rythm of the entries. Anyway this site is about IFD / Filmark movies not my personal troubles so here we are again with another Taiwanese Black movie used & distributed by Joseph Lai during the early 80's in Spain & other countries. 

Is it a kung fu movie? Is it a horror movie? is a taiwanese black movie hidden behind a shocking VHS cover
 Kill Butterfly Kill was another gangster /drama movie distributed in Spain as an kung fu actioner by IFD. We have to say the spanish distributors also helped to create that false hope adding fake synopsis or false promotion lines. Obviously when you played the tape & you didn't found any kung fu ( or the fights displayed weren't exactly what you expect from a kung fu movie) you felt cheaten...but if you were ( as I am) an open-minded person who loves to be presented by unexpected surprises, Kill Butterfly Kill became into a guilty pleasure full of raw violence.

When you see this title credits you feel something special is coming...and it is not a kung fu movie!!!
  Kill Butterfly Kill is a taiwanese version of Abel Ferrara's Ms 45 where a woman is viciously raped & she developes a hungry feeling of vengeance towards the people who humiliated her adding some subplots & gangsters " a la taiwanese" style. The director of Kill Butterfly kill goes beyong Ferrara & he also makes us feel dirty while watching the movie.

Tattoer Ma Sha can't imagine how much IFD promoted him outside Taiwan!!!
 Kill Butterfly Kill was starred by Taiwan's Black movies' superstars  Tattoer Ma Sha and Champ Wang Goon Hung & Juliet Chan Lai Wan who was also the main star iin IFD famous Scorpion Thunderbolt & the star in Who Knows About Me? , the taiwese movie distributed by IFD in Spain on its original taiwanese cut as Guns to Heaven. We can't forget that later, Guns to heaven became into Advent Commando 7: Guns to heaven just adding new shots starring Mike Abbott & Edowan Bersma and other ifd regular gweiloh actors around 1987/88.

a movie that contains this kind of scenes can't be a bad movie!!!

As it happens to Guns to Heaven, Kill Butterfly Kill was later re-edited by director Charles Lee Chiu adding to the original taiwanese film new scenes starred again by Mike Abbott & other regular western actors. The new "movie" was then retitled by IFD as Advent Commando 4: Kill Butterfly Kill.  We were not so lucky in Spain & we never got this new edition released in our video markets. Anyway, I have no information at all if this Advent Commando 4: Kill Butterfly Kill was ever released in any seems it had the same fate as Guns to heaven.
Mike Abbott as the villain & Mark Miller as the hero became the new stars of this re-edited version of Kill Butterfly Kill while the original credits dissapeared!.

Kill Butterfly Kill was the IFD title for a taiwanese film titled I Want To Be A Good Person  a 1982 production directed by Chui Yuk Lung who also directed Who Knows About Me? & other films that were bought & distributed by IFD. This fact proves that IFD used to buy movie packages from the same producers as it happened with the Korean / Thai / Filipino films.

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