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viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

IFD The Fighter the Winner Uncovered: The original filipino movie!!!

The Filipino B Film Fans group in Facebook, and specially Andrew Leavold & Simon Santos are giving me too much work these days!!!! Another filipino action movie used by Joseph Lai's IFD has been finally uncovered. Andrew & I have been changing information for years, even before I started this site, we both tried fo identify every filipino film bought by IFD & Filmark. We got some small success during the past years but as I say above those days all the researchings are being over the top!

 When the Ninja craze was passing, IFD realized they had to adapt to the new trend at the time: The kickboxing movies. Jean Claude Van Damme opened the season for these "ring movies" & IFD had to feed the video markets that were hungry of those kind of films but as usual, IFD continued loyal to its style: They owned the rights of previosly bought movies & then a new bunch of stuntmen working as directors ( Paul wong, Ridley Tsui, Altong Cheung) shot new scenes changing the Sha Tin forests for an indoor wharehouse where the placed a ring.

So,  since IFD owned the copyrights of a filipino actioner titled Grease Gun Brothers directed & starring Rey Malonzo ( one of the finest filipino Bruce Lee clones) in 1985, Altong Cheung shot new scenes with Wayne Archer & a group of newcomers to IFD to create an interesting but a bit uninspired kickboxing flick. This time the filipino movie was quite superior to the new added sequences. In some territories, as it happened with the ninja films, The Fighter the Champion was released with a different title. In this case Champion fighter.

The Fighter The Winner also offered a new element never seen before in an IFD film. IFD films used to end their flicks with a very big THE END words in a red background. IFD is famous (or unfamous) for its rough endings, just remember the endings of Ninja the Protector, Ninja Knight Thunder fox or Rage of the Ninja....

The Fighter The Winner offered a real movie ending titles where you can read at last the people behind the production!!! Indeed Joseph Lai tried to put more love on his products offering a more meticulous presentation.

Have you notice the name of the Wrestling Technical advisor? Kam Po Hung!!!!! Samo Hung working for IFD??????It is not probable & nor provable but who knows???!!!!

But backing to the filipino movie,  in Andrew Leavold's words: GREASE GUN BROTHERS (1985). The Sanchez clan (Dante Varona, Rey Malonzo and Bembol Roco), a family of local Robin Hoods who protect their Tondo neighbourhood from local gangs, attempt to go legit. Local racketeers the Corsican Brothers (real-life brothers Mark Gil and Michael de Mesa, and Roi Vinzon) muscle in on their turf, igniting a gang war and ending in an all-out bloodbath. Pinoy crime dramas don't get more realistic or dangerous - the old gun-in-bullet hole torture trick on Rommel Valdez, for instance, and there's a gruelling double rape-murder by the Gil brothers that's a little too close for comfort. Recommended.

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