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jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Filmark's Ninja: Warriors from beyond uncovered: The original Filipino movie!

Two new & interesting fan groups have been born in Facebook in the last 2 weeks,  FILIPINO B FILM FANS & IFD FILMARK IDENTITY CRISIS. If you enjoy asian B & Z grade, you should visit or join them since they are great sources of information & many people who worked on those movies are active members oon them, so there isn't a better place to learn about the most interesting, funny & bizarre films from Asia.

Thanks to these groups, we have been able to identify another filipino movie used by Tomas Tang & the crew of Filmark International to "design" their Ninja: Warriors From Beyond ( aka Black Panther) directed by Tommy Cheng Kei Ying & starred by Danny Raisebeck credited as Joff Houston, the pseudonym Filmark used to credit Jonathan Isgar.

Ninja Warriors from beyond  opening was shot from Yau Tong's Devils Peak offering us a nice view of Lei Yei Mun harbour.

Tomas Tang bought a filipino actioner titled Maestro Bandido shot in 1983 by Rey Malonzo, as usual people at Filmark re-edited & redubbed it and they added new scenes directed by Tommy Cheng Kei Ying to create a new ninja adventure.

Tommy Cheng, the director of Ninja Warriors from Beyond also played an extra along other Filmark crew in a scene shot in Yau Tong's Devils Peak in Ninja Warriors from beyond.

In words of Andrew Leavold, Ninja Warriors from beyond is "The most absurd and disjointed of all Hong Kong ninja cut-and-paste efforts, this time from Tomas Tang's company Filmark, using the bulk of Rey Malonzo's Maestro Bandido (dir. Malonzo, 1983). American "White Ninja" Mark is given the task of smoking out Black Ninja traning camp on the Thai border using invisible cloaks, magic swords, and doppelgangers from another dimension! His local, non-ninja contact Vergara (Malonzo, poorly spliced into on-screen "conversations" with Mark) is also tracking down the ninja boss Marshall (Ramon D'Salva) while avenging his wife's rape at the hands of Marshall's son . Blood, guts, exploding huts, and the ever-present goons Romy Diaz, George Estregan as a bent cop, Fred Param, Angel Confiado and Steve Alcarado".

Danny Raisebeck the uncredited star of Ninja Warriors from beyond played several ninja movies at Filmark. He was always the hero, but when he worked for IFD, he used to play villain roles. IFD used to credit him with his real name.
 It is a pity original filipino source movie Maestro Bandido is not avaliable on domestic formats because it is a quite raw & violent film as most of the ones directed by Rey Malonzo. If you don't own a copy of Ninja Warriors from beyond, you may enjoy some cuts of the film in youtube.


And remember, don't be cheaten anymore: Godfrey Ho had nothing to do with this film or Filmark. Tommy Cheng, Donald Kong Do ( aka Chiang Tao) & ex-venom Sun Chien were the responsible people behind most of  the guilty pleasure of Filmark Ninja / Action / war movies.

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