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martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

IFD Ninja Squad Uncovered: The original Filipino movie

IFD bought a package of Filipino movies that re-edited, re-dubbed & used in several cut & paste movies. Some of them were used for IFD War movies, others on their Kickboxing films and of course a couple of them were left to create some Ninja flicks.

Godfrey Ho was the one in charge to "work" with Hatulan Si...Totoy Angustia, an action drama starred, produced & directed by Rey Malonzo in 1981.

 Godfrey Ho shot around 1986 some new shots starring Richard Harrison as Malonzo's character ninja master & added it to the original film. This was the origin of NINJA SQUAD. Now, someone has uploaded the original filpino film to YouTube cut into several parts. Here we bring you all of them in order you can enjoy the original source movie that made Ninja Squad possible.

If you like Ninja Squad, you will love Hatulan si...Totoy Angustia.

Hatulan Si...Totoy Angustia was starring  by Rey Malonzo, Marrianne Dela Riva, E.R. Ejercito, Melissa Mendez, George Estregan, Max Alvarado, Dick Israel, Don Pepot, Jose Vergara, Roco Montalban, Steve Alcarado, Fred Moro and Naty Santiago

Thanks to Teddy Wong, editor of HKMDB for the tip to identify this film!

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