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viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Ninja Phantom Hero Usa Unpublished: Original Hong Kong movie poster

When two years ago I decided to open a blog dedicated to IFD & Filmark movies, I just thought to share some information I had to end those false informations about Godfrey Ho, Joseph Lai & Tomas Tang. During many years I had been collecting their movies, I found some original source movies in Hong Kong on VCD, I found some filming locations used by IFD / Filmark crews while I was hiking around Hong Kong & even I got the chance to meet Mike Abbott who kindly gave me a lot of information & pictures taken during the shootings of his movies... But it happened that during these 2 years I have contacted ( and I have been contacted by) a lot of nice people whose support & help gave me more tips, information, pics and even movies that made this site a place where we can share everything about IFD & Filmark instead of being a blog where I just say most of the information about IFD & Tomas Tang spread by fools in internet was false.

Well, the very first posts dedicated to Filmark here were dedicated to Ninja Phantom Hero Usa starred by the great Jonathan Isgar. You may check them here & here. It was my first Filmark movie & one of my favourites. The original movie used by Tomas Tang was unknown to me until I decided to re-search on the HKMD comparing cast names until I assumed Filmark bought a 1983 movie titled Struggle for leader to design Ninja Phantom hero Usa. Struggle for Leader was directed by Lee Chiu who years later worked for IFD using the name of Charles Lee in movies like Full Metal Ninja or the Thunder Ninja kids saga.
Spanish VHS art cover

At the time there was not picture or any relevant information to confirm my suspicion, but a new research few days ago proved that this time I was right!!! Teddy Wong, one of the editors of HKMDB and a nice pal & better friend updated the original Hong Kong poster of Struggle for Leader, the movie that made possible Ninja Phantom to be done!

Struggle for Leader Taiwanese is simply AWESOME

Once I have confirmed Struggle for leader was the original movie Filmark used for its Ninja Phantom Hero Usa, a new "mission force" has been set: locate a copy of it!...I really need to see this movie on its original cut. Struggle for leader includes an all star cast & it is dramatically violent, sad, gritty, grin, shocking & catching movie similar to the ones made in Taiwan at the same time. Something similar happens to Ninja Phantom hero usa that has to be seen on its uncut version. It was edited in the Us as Ninja empire with a lot of cuts that made it totally unwatchable.

Please check the original technical details of this movie at HKMDB. Thanks to Teddy Wong for uploading the original poster of Struggle for leader.

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