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jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012


I should feel ashamed, really, very ashamed of myself. Since NINJA THE MISSION FORCE was premiered I have became lazier & I am updating this blog with Ed Glaser's effords. But the truth is NINJA THE MISSION FORCE is the hottest & the coolest ( what a paradox) show in the net right now.
Week after week we are amazed that NINJA THE MISSION doesn't lack freshness but it is more & more interesting & funnier at every new episode. It is very similar to what I felt everytime when I used to go to the video rental shop & I found a new ninja title from IFD or Filmark in my teen years.

Today's episode is shocking!!!! Terrifying!!!! See what it happens to John Travolta when the Ninja Science is used with evil purposes. To be honest, I have never enjoyed Travolta with a better dubbing work than the one in NINJA THE MISSION FORCE. Don't miss it & enjoy the show.

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