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jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Ninja The Mission Force 3: Citizen Ninja

This morning when I started my computer & I checked if the new episode of Ninja The Mission Force was already online, I felt very surprised with the new episode title: Citizen Ninja...Citizen Ninja??? I just remembered that Troma movie starring Toxie title Citizen Toxie, but I was wrong. Here we have what The Stranger should have been. The story of a ambitious young man trying to get the supreme Ninja power instead of other trivial things!!!!

Ed Glaser delivers more & more crazy fun & laughs on each Ninja The Mission Force episode. It is usually said sequels are never better than originals...wrong viewpoint since Ninja The Mission Force is better & better every week. I could not imagine better re-dubbing for The Stranger.

IFD guys could use any kind of movie & just re-editing & re-dubbing it (remember they even used a brazilian erotic drama in Ninja Knight 4: Joy of the living dead) were able to offer us a new product & then with the new ninja scenes, we were given a 90 minutes of crazy & even experimental cinematic experience. That's exactly what Dark Maze studios is doing now & Ninja the Mission Force is more than a simple homage to those movies Joseph Lai brought to us more than 25 years ago.

No more talking...lets enjoy NINJA THE MISSION FORCE: CITIZEN NINJA,

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