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domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Catman in Lethal Track Unpublished: Original Thai movie poster

IFD not only offered us ninja movies, war flicks, kickboxers adventures, korean cartoons or kung fu flicks. No...IFD was beyond genres & they even also offered us superheroes motion pictures; no average ones but bizarre ones like Catman, also known as Us Catman.

IFD's SuperHero

Catman was portrayed by the one Jonathan Isgar who is still laughing whenever he remembers the shooting & the first time he appeared on the set wearing his superhero oufit. Once again, wrong informations say Catman & its sequel were directed by Godfrey Ho who was hidden as Alton Cheung. Once again we have to tell that is false since Alton Cheung who despise many people still believe is not another Godfrey Ho pseudoym.

Catman: Lethal Track was the first adventure of one of the world's most bizarre superheroes. His adventures continued in Catman: Boxer's blow.

Catman in Lethal Track was done just re-editing & re-dubbing a thai movie starred by Thai superstars Krung Svrilai who plays a eye-patched villain this time & Sorapong Chatri accompained by his regular supporting actors playing the hero as usual.

Superb Thai poster whose creators never imagine a superhero would enter on the movie outside Thailand

Joseph Lai found a gold mine in Thailand's action movies from the late 70's. During almost a decade Lai and Tomas Tang offered to world some of the most bizarre & obscure thai actioners that probably would have never been distribute outside their origin place if not because IFD & Filmark cut & paste effords.
Alternative artwork for the thai movie used to design IFD's Catman Lethal track

Catman was one good example since director Alton Cheung just added 15 minutes of new fotage starring Jonathan Isgar & the late Blue Moroney fighting among them while in the other hand we have most of the untouched fotage of this thai movie.

Thanks to Jub Khun for his kind help to identify Catman's original source movie!.

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