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jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Shooting around Kowlong Tong: Ruthland Quadrant ( part 8- finale)

After 7 previous entries dedicated to the filming locations used by IFD & Filmark around Kowlong Tong, I think ( I hope) this is the last entry. I must tell I still can't really understand why IFD / Filmark crew used to shoot in the heart of Kowloong downtown. Reasons may be different from the quiet enviroment around or the proximity of some of the natural parks in Lion rock or Kam Sham. IFD & Filmark crews used to shoot without permissions so it is difficult for me to understand they dared to do it in Kowloon Tong.

Not too long ago, I re-watched War City: Die to Win, another bizarre title for the first issue from IFD War City saga. This saga offered us the adventures / crimes / fights of different crime lords all played by Mike Abbott & the same hero played by Brent Gilbert.

If you haven't been in Hong Kong you may think it is a huge place but when you are there you will find yourself as if you were in a movie plateau. Many corners will bring to your mind dozens of movies, you can easily recognice many streets, places, buildings from many different kinds of genres shot in the ex-colony.
Then if you are a die hard IFD / Filmark fan, Kowloon Tong is like a paradise; just remember Bruce Lee's former house is in Cumberland Road but you also must remember O Mas Hotel from IFD movies is just in the same street.

Check both pics, the above one belongs to War City: Die to Win, we can see a pale pink colour wall & some traffic signals poles. In the pic below, we can see the wall has been painted in white but the pink colour is still around the street nameplate & the blue direction signal is also still there. War City:Die To win was shoot in 1988 & the other pic is from 2010.

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