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miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Ninja in the Killing Fields Uncovered!

Some years ago it seemed ALMOST impossible to search accurately about asian weird movies. Pete Tombs, Tomas Weisser & other authors offered us very nice works about obscure, rare, weird & lost movies around the world. Most titles refered on their books were very hard to find outside their origin places & we had to dream about them. Then thanks to internet, online shops around the world & collectors searching duties are much easier if one puts his heart on what he likes. So around a year ago, I started to "visit" some thai online shops looking for the thai movies Joseph Lai & Tomas used at IFD & Filmark and I was lucky enough to find some tips & clues that let me get some source movies like this one that was the main body for Filmark's Ninja in the Killing Fields.

Ninja in the killing fields was supposed to be directed by York Lam, but this guy just directed about 15 minutes of new scenes starring Stuart Onslow Smith as the hero & the late Louis Roth as the villain. Ex-Venom sun Chien also has a role in this movie as he had in 99% of Filmark cut & paste movies.

Ninja in the Killing fields was created using a Thai movie titled MUE PUEN 3 AI MUE DUM (มือปืน 3 ไอ้มือดำ) starred by Thai superstar Sorapong Chatri & other regular actors of Sorapong's movies seen in many Filmark & IFD movies.

This movie is avaliable at, maybe one of the very best onlineshops in Southeast Asia ( I am not sponsored or whatever, I just say what I think) with a very nice people working in & a wonderful staff / customer service who also helps you to find titles that are not in their website.

Ninja in the killing fields may not be one of Filmark's best titles but it is still worth to see since the original thai movie also includes a ninja plot similar to the one seen in Chen Kuan Tai's A LIFE NINJA that was also world distributed by Filmark outside Taiwan & Hong Kong.

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