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martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Joseph Lai, Tomas Tang & Godfrey Ho exclusive stars of China Fanzine (part 2)

Domingo López, was indeed a pioneer in Spain in the 90's when he put in the market his China Fanzine first & his book MADE IN CHINA later. Till that date, there wasn't too many books about asian pop cinema. At the time,we could access to some poor articles about asian cinema in some martial arts magazines, but those articles cared only about martial arts movies & big stars from Hong Kong. There isn't anything about IFD, Filmark or independent production companies till Domingo López dared to write about it.

Here, more than 15 years later, I am glad to offer to my honorable friends & visitors those pages from China Fanine that offered the very first short but correct information about Joseph Lai, Tomas Tang & Godfrey Ho.

China Fanzine included a 3 pages article about Joseph Lai's movies that studied IFD series, the music used on them, the actors and more technical details that made those movies different from the others came from Hong Kong


2 comentarios:

  1. todo lo de Domingo es un clasico, yo tube ese mismo fanzine....
    un abrazo

  2. si no llega a ser por el usuario ZENI de ZHK, no me entero de que este fanzine existia. Le pregunte a Domingo si tenia algun ejemplar "vivo" pero tampoco a el le quedaba ninguno. Zeni fue tan gentil que me lo escaneo para poder ponerlo en el blog.