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miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Shooting around Kowloon Tong 7: A small park in Cumberland Rd & Essex Crescent junction

I am not feeling so well lately & a big economic problems are making me sick because I can't sleep & the anxiety is too bad, so I am not paying to much attention to the blog & other internet activities. These problems may take a couple of week to be resolved or 6 months...but I don't want to leave the blog to die miserably. After all the contacts I have done, all the new friends, all the good people who has contacted me, I should continue this work. If you have sent me an email or tried to contact me but in vain, don't think I haven't got your mail or soon as I can settle my present situation down, you will get a reply.

I would like to continue & finish the entries I dedicated to the locations IFD / Filmark used in Kowloon Tong. Too many movies shot in just a couple of streets & the surroundings. I still can't understand the "love" IFD & Filmark director had for this place since they could have been shooting 2 movies at the same time just getting the correct camera angles.

The pic above shows a small park located in the junction of Cumberland Road ( where Bruce Lee's former house is located) & Essex Crescent a bow-form street. The small park in the junction has been dozens times in many Hong Kong movies but it was specially used by IFD & Filmark.

Twinkle Ninja Fantasy, directed by Tommy Cheng Kai Ying under the name of Bruce Lambert shot in this park a ninja fight.

Today, the park is still there but the house in the background has suffered a total change.

Then we have another Filmark movie, Ninja in Action, that also used the park but from other camera angle where we can see Cumberland Road & the famous O mas Hotel.

Only the iron bars that protect the park walls have been changed for better!

Other movies produced by different companies who hired Godfrey Ho or Tommy Cheng at the end of the 80's also used this lovely park as a film location.
Live Hard got Godfrey Ho as a second unit director who added some new scenes in Essex Crescent park to the international version.

Fairlie Ruth Kordick who really looks like Sophia Crawford went to Kowloon Tong for her scenes!

And then, finally, almost 25 years later Simon Yam who worked in Live Hard went back to this place to shoot a scene with Samo Hung for Fatal Move.

It is nice to see how the locations used by IFD & Filmark are now "in use" again. Just remember another Simon Yam's movie Election that also used some other locations that were IFD "favourite" places...

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