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miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

The Killer Elephants are getting ready in ATTACKAFANT ENTERTAINMENT!!!

The Killer Elephants is one of those Thai movies Joseph Lai brough to us in Europe throught his IFD & Arts Ltd in a time when it was very difficult to access to certain asian movies. That's what IFD did, they bought dozens of movies from several asian countries & they dubbed them into English language, then each country would edit in their own language or subtitled.
I am one of the many people who "met" Sombat Methanee, Sorapong Chatri or Krung Svrilai thanks to IFD movies. And that's not all, IFD was also the firtt company to bring to Europe Panna Ritikrai movies throught its film Kickboxer king. Today many of these thai actors are well-known internationally thanks to movies like Ong Bak, Legend of Suriyothai or even Siamese Outlaws but we can't forget who was the first source we got to enjoy this kind of movies: JOSEPH LAI'S IFD.

Now, a new company in Sweeden is preparing this title from IFD to be enjoyed on its best way: A remastered dvd, including extra features, different art cover & much more. A definitive edition of this Sombat Methanee's classic.

Here's the cover for Fred Anderson's upcoming DVD release of the Thai killer animal flick THE KILLER ELEPHANTS (to be released on his new ATTACKAFANT ENTERTAINMENT label). I'm told the artwork is by Cinehound's Cteve. :D

But The Killer Elephants has got an international career since IFD distributed it all around the world, offering different art covers & even alternative titles. And it is a must see if you really enjoy bizarre asian cinema beyond Hong Kong kung flicks, samuria vendettas from Japan or dramatic comedies from Korea.

Original Thai Poster

New Pressbook from IFD where we can notice they retitled it as Rumbling the Elephants

A screenshot from the spanish fullscreened version

A mexican pressbook for Killer Elephants that was retitled La furia de los elefantes ( Rage of the Elephants)


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