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martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

HKMDB is listing IFD movies as they deserve

I have always believed HKMDB was the most accurate movie data base of Hong Kong cinema ( HKCinemagic is its twin sister but a bit younger) but I always complaint HKMDB didn't register IFD / FILMARK "cut & paste" movies. I didn't undertand it. Even if they used movies from other South East Asian movies they were registered in Hong Kong & some of them used HK movies as source movies.

A month ago, one day, a lucky day for me, I was contacted by Teddy Wong one of the editors at HKMDB, he is possibly the person who knows everything about Philip Ko's filmography & a very very very nice guy. We talked about Philip Ko's works in IFD & we started to idenfie actors & movies used by Ko while he was working under Joseph Lai's commands.... then, we continued working giving names, faces & original title movies that are being included on HKMDB.

Yes, at last, these movies & the people who worked on them will have their place in the biggest movie data base about Hong Kong movies. At last the gweiloh actors who have been seen in dozens movies but we never were able to guess their names will have face & name, filmographies will be more completed & mistake will be erased.

Right now, Teddy Wong & I are working together to offer for first time the most completed & true information about the movies & the people who worked for IFD & FILMARK. No more bullshit or urban legends about Tomas Tang, Godfrey Ho or Joseph Lai & their movies.

To start with you can already check many of the IFD ninja movies at HKMDB just writing the title you prefer in the browser, the same cab be done with some of the main actors who acted on those movies & many of them include a link to other pages where you can learn about the original source movie used by them. HERE

Also, if you are a fan of Philip Ko, please check, Teddy Wong's site about this genius of martial arts & editing work just clicking here.

Teddy Wong's site in in Russian Language but the design, the contents & everything there will catch you.

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