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domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Pedro Ernyes & Geoffrey Brown in other hong Kong movies

Pedro Ernyes & Geoffrey Brown were regular actors on IFD & Filmark movies but they also played supporting roles as extras in some big budget movies in Hong Kong. They roles on those movies can't be compared to the ones played by gweilohs like Jonathan Isgar, Mike Abbott or other big names among the western actors who lived inside the industry during the 80's and early 90's. Even so, if we have a sharp eye or we just pay attention to the movies that include western actors, it is not so difficult to find them out among the chinese actors playing party guests, people in restaurants, people walking around & other extra roles in the background.

Pedro Ernyes can be seen in Police Story 2, in the scene where Jackie Chan goes to a restaurant to contact a dynamite seller.

Pedro & other gweiloh fellas are having dinner just to be disturbed by Jackie & two police officers

It seems he liked to work in Jackie Chan movies because he was also in Project A part 2 as one of the Hong Kong Governor's party guest.

Pedro was an ubicous gweiloh in Hong Kong movies: we found him everywhere !!!!

Then, we have Geoffrey Brown who had previously worked with Godfrey Ho in many IFD ninja movies playing both good & bad boy roles with a lot of screen time & dialog lines. He then played a silent ( a quite strange) role in Van Damme's bloodsport, but he was also hired to play a killer in Philip Ko's Angel Mission.

He held a Hi-Fi radio in Bloodsport, but he changed it into a bazooka in Angel Mission

and then we spotted him in an extremely tiny cameo in Shanghai Shanghai!

Geoff & another extra talks in the background while Yuen Biao chats in a main position!

We are still looking for more movies that include these two bad boys from Hong Kong Cinema. Any kind of help will be always welcome!

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