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jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

Diegong Bayong VCD

Lets say it again: Joseph Lai's IFD didn't use unfinished nor unreleased movies for its cut & paste films. Philip Ko made Platoon The Warriors adding new scenes & re-dubbing a filipino actioner from 1984 titled Diegong Bayong. During the summer of 2009 I was able to find the original movie on VCD in video store inside SM Mall of Asia in Pasay, Manila.

There are a lot of people who still define IFD movies as "bottom of the barrel" films, or as "worst of the cinematic experience". These kind of sentences usually come from people who compare IFD movies with big budgeted movies from Jackie Chan or John Woo. Of course they get dissapointed. It is like if you watch 55 days at Peking expecting to see another chapter from Once Upon a time in China. Both movies are wonderful, both movies are about the colonial time in China, but both movies are totally different & they can't be taken by same measurement.

We must recognice Joseph Lai offered us movies from several asian countries, movies that we would never be able to see if IFD never used them. IFD offer us the chance to discover other action movies from South Korea, Thailand ( before Punna & Tony Jaa arrived), the Philippines & Taiwan. No one talks about this. No one notices it? The easiest way was ( and still is) to despise these motion pictures.

Many of asian action movies fans & collectors have been able to enjoy Sombat Methanee's movies thanks to IFD, the same can be said about Sorapong Chatri's, Anthony Alonzo's, Lu I Chan or Master Lee Dae-Keun & even the korean movies starred by Casanova Wong or Wong Chen Li.

Now it is time to Diegong Bayong & here I offer you some snapshots from the original movie. Enjoy them!

The final battle takes place in an abandoned building that has been used by Philip Ko in many of the movies he shot in the Philippines starred by Yukari Oshima. I remember I have seen this place in movies such as Lethal Panther 2 or Guardian Angel among other titles. The following pics show how that building hadn't changed too much since Diegong Bayong was shot in 1984 until Philip Ko shot there his films at the begining of the 90's.

We have a western moment during the last battle, The police as it happens in most action movies arrives too late to save anyone....our hero waits for them in an heroic pose as Jimmy Wang Yu used to end his films

After this shot, we see the END it seems Diegong Bayong was a finished movie, right?????

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