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jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

Turning the impossible into possible

One of the cool sentences I still remember from Kage No Gundan, the ninja Tv series starred by Sonny Chiba was " Turn the impossible into possible". His character Hattori Hanzo used to say it when he or his ninja group were into an impossible mission. Now I make this sentence mine in other order of things.I have been collecting IFD / Filmark / Asso Asia movies for almost 23 years, I had a big bunch of them, even some rarities that Joseph Lai himself would feel surprised to see again but there were also many other IFD titles that I was truly convinced were never released in Europe...or if they were released I wasn't aware about it even after I have been searching everywhere.

But a month ago, my good friend Jack J. warned me a South African guy who owns cinemas & dvd distribution companies had got distribution rights of many IFD movies & he was offering ORIGINAL & PRESSED copies of them throught the marketplace at Kung Fu Cinema Forums.
As soon as I read Jack's mail I contact this guy & he was kindly enough to explain to me the technical details of the movies I was interested in. He told me they were in fullscreen & not the best quality. At the begining I felt a little bit dissapointed but he told he he holds the rights from IFD & they were original copies, no dvd-r or bootleg rubbish. So I took the risk & I loan some cash from a friend & I ordered 13 titles at once.

Finally, yesterday the package, direct from the Republic of South Africa arrived home... I was so nervous that I took a photo of the package before I opened it.

The package is at home at last!

Woooowww, They are Jonathan Isgart & Wayne Archer!

When I started to see the art covers I became more anxious, I had seen those covers on IFD official website, but seeing them into dvd cases was a different feeling. I didn't know which movie I wanted to see first.

A fancy table for fancy movies

Some of the titles I ordered had video editions in France or Greece but I haven't been able to get them and also this dvds at least would not included burned subtitles in strange languages for me. Other titles, for my knowledge, hadn't been edited before. There are companies that buy the distribution rights but later for some marketable reasons they don't release the movies & they jst re-sell the rights.

The War city saga on its uncut version, the german dvds were cut into 75 minutes

After I checked all the discs, it came the most important thing: Checking the video/ audio quality. I was really worry to find scratchy & unwatchable stuff but I was totally wrong. These editions are not remastered & ultra-bit editions but the transfers from 35mm to dvd is pretty decent & much much much better than many editions I have purchased from other serious companies. The image & sound quality can be compared to Vengeance video dvds, better than many rarescope titles.

My treasurrrreeeeeeeee! It is my treasuuuuureeeeeee

After this experience, I can tell the Kung Fu cinema user named GLOBE is a real trader who is offering legal & good movies at very nice price. Of course, I also have to thank Jack J for the tip!
This is how Impossible turns possible. I thought I would never could complete my IFD movie collection & suddenly the dream has became into true!

6 comentarios:

  1. My friend, JM, I'm so happy you got them! I wanted to order some of them but my financial situation is terrible at the moment so I'm happy you got them. The owner of Globe says that when they are sold out they're gone forever. At least you have them now. A few of them I have on Greek VHS but you are right, they have both big ugly subtitles and the picture quality is often kinda foggy.

  2. hi
    how many ifd titles did you got from naushad?

  3. I spent today at hospital with my wife just come back home after many hours. the baby doesn't want to be out yet.
    Jack J, if tomorrow I have some spare time I will send you an email :)

    I got 13 titles from Naushad. I have felt very surprised by the quality offered, as I said in the post these dvds can be compared to the IFD / Asso asia releases by Vengeance video. Much better than I expected.

  4. thanks, i wish all the best to your wife and your baby...
    i also ordered from naushad...will tell when the dvds will arrive...

  5. No worries, mate. Take your time, and all the best with everything.

    I have 3 DVDs from Global, "Bionic Boy" 1 & 2 + "They Call Her... Cleopatra Wong" and they're all alright. Direct off film print.

  6. Hi Jesus,

    Wish you all the best for you, your wife and new baby!

    Cheers, Andrew