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domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Rarest of the rarest, the most obscure of the obscure

I have been trying to compile a list of each & every title ever came from IFD, Filmark & Asso Asia. IFD is still working & distributing movie rights in thos most famoues film markets but Filmark & Asso Asia are very different subjects to study.

Asso Asia was created during an interlude of time between the fisrt age of IFD & the birth of Filmark International. The problem to get a definitive list of Asso Asia movies or a full list of each title is quite hard to do because the films produced or distributed by the company founded by Tomas Tang & Joseph Lai were divided into Lai & Tang after the latter decided to go his own way when founded Filmark International. I mean, some titles from Asso Asia are now in the catalog of IFD & others were on Filmark's.

Till now, I thought Asso Asia only distributed Korean martial arts films that used to imitate models from Hong Kong or Taiwan, but once again, I was wrong. Few days ago, while I was surfing in the net searching for some information I found that Asso Asia also produced, at least, a women in prison explotation film titled Strike of the tortured angels.

the art cover looks like those japanese pinku eigas from the 70's. I love it!

I don't have a clue about what this movie is about. Never listen about it & it is not listed in any database. Luckily, I have been able to contact a Spanish friend who holds a copy of it dubbed in English & I hope to receive it in few days, if my wife & baby to be born are ok.
Anyway, it is a fact of time this movie arrives to my hands.
There is a title on IFD catalog titled Angels with golden guns ( Virgin Apocalypse) that looks like similar to this one. I only wish Strike of tortured angels has at least few lines of plot. The experience of watching Angels with Golden pistols was more than enough even for a IFD fanatic as me. I only say I have watched it 3 times & I still don't know what the movie is about.

Great title, great art cover, bizarre movie, but where is the plot?

The second surprise of the day came from Filmark International. Catroxp, one of the webmasters of told me there was a rare Filmark movie among the Spanish VHS collectors. The movie is DARK DAY EXPRESS & I don't have a clue about it. It seems it is another of those rare gems just edited in few exotic countries and there is not too much info about it.

When the Vietnam war Hong Kong???

PLEASE, if anyone have any hint or info about this two titles, they will be very appreciated. I am able to get a copy of Dark Day Express from a friend but I am not sure when, since the following days ( or weeks) I am going to be pretty busy taking care of my wife at hospital, I can't close any deal till we come back home.
Anyway, as I told above, any details about these two movies would be very appreciate.

5 comentarios:

  1. I have STRIKE OF THE TORTURED ANGELS on a Danish VHS, dubbed in Endlish. It's a WIP film.

  2. DARK DAY EXPRESS, la tengo como película Filmark de cabecera... "la tiene así de grande", jajajaj!

  3. Por cierto, por si no reparaste en mi reseña de EL TESORO DE KAMPUCHEA. aquí te la dejo:
    Un saludo, y sigue pegando duro con el blog, que es cojonudísimo!!

  4. Hola, ¿tan rara es la peli de "Angels with golden guns" (Virgin Apocalypse)?. Saludos y gracias.

  5. Angels with Golden Guns no es que sea rara por der dificil de conseguir, que no lo era ya que rulo por muchisimos videoclubs con buen fondo de catalogo y ademas hara cosa de un par de años se podia encontrar muy facilmente en los mercadillos de Sevilla. Es rara por su procedencia ( Filipinas??? Tailandia??? Co-produccion de estos paises con Hong Kong???) y su reparto, ya que tiene un look de peli producida en el tercer mundo pero cuenta con actores de primera fila de Hong Kong...y rara porque la pelicula no tiene sentido alguno. No hay linea argumental que seguir, aunque veas la peli cientos de veces no llegas a saber de que va la historia. otro caso de la IFD similar es Dragon de Fuego ( Enter the three Dragons).

    gracias por dejar tu mensaje.