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domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

IFD & FILMARK Spanish Art Covers 2

One of the most atractive facts of IFD, Filmark & Asso Asia were their art covers. If we read the title credits of these films we can see the man / woman from the art department in IFD was Eagle Leung, whoever hidden after this nick can be considered an artist or Author because his works were interesting enough to make us people to choose the tape on the shelves when we were at the video store.
Quite often, the Spanish video art covers from IFD, Filmark & Asso Asia kept the original poster designed by Eagle Leung so even if the Spanish title was different, thanks to the cover I was able to find out & catalog the original one.

Now lets check some other Spanish art covers from IFD & Filmark non ninja flicks.

- Like IFD, Filmark also distributed Korean war movies without any pasted new fotage like this Operation First Team

- King of the prodigal boxer was titled in Spain as La Piel de un Asesino ( the assassin's skin) a weird title that has nothing to do with the movie but who cares, the original one has nothing to do with the story either.

-Final Mision Final was one of those now popular & hard to find Taiwan black movies (Taiwanese gangsters movies shot between 1979-1983) thaat was released in Spain on its original taiwanese cut courtesy by IFD.

- Equals against Devils is a rare taiwanese gem missing from the updated IFD catalog. It is a gangster movie starring kung fu star Roc Tien set in the pool gambling underworld.
This movie had to be a hit in Spanish video rentals because it was edited twice along the years by the same company. The problem was the second edition used an uglier art cover as we can see below.

-The Shootout was just a thai action-erotic thriller with around 15 minutes of pasted new fotage whose spanish title was Tiroteo Sangriento ( Bloody Shootout). The art cover showing american police officers & helicopters was pretty but none of them are showed in the movie since as I said it is a thai movie with a lot of erotic scenes.

- Battle for the treasure is a Filmark movie that used as a source movie a thai-Hong Kong coproduction starring local stars such as Norman Chu (aka Tsui Siu Keung) and Thai superstar Sorapong Chatri. This Tomas Tang production was titled in Spain El Tesoro de Kampuchea ( The treasure from Kampuchea)


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