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martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Taiwan Black Movies at IFD & Filmark (part 3): Fury of a Virgin

Along the years & after spending a lot of time (and money) searching all kind of information about IFD films & Filmark International, I got very clear ideas how they worked, how they released what they used to buy in different film markets...etc etc. In fact, they were very simple & direct, the fake legends & information about titles, actors & directors around Joseph Lai & Tomas Tang have been the real problem to trace them & their films.

Today IFD catalog is easy to study & check, they have put their films by genre & they have lost the copyrights ( maybe the film itself) of many films, so they only way to check them is searching old catalogs & old videos....and of course, we also can check some directors filmographies because Lai & Tang never bought single movies but full packages of films from the same taiwanese, filipino, thai or korean producers/ directors.

The last entry dedicated to the Taiwan Black Movies distributed by IFD, we talked about Challenge The Caballer that wasn't a cut & paste movie but an original Taiwanese film directed by To Pak Hon but ditributed outside Taiwan by IFD...then while I was checking To's Filmography I noticed he directed another title that was also distributed by IFD in Spain at the same time. This title was Fury of Virgin (also known as Furia Mortal in Spain).

Fury of a Virgin, as well as Challenge the Caballer  displayed all the elements from the Taiwanese black movies: Very raw violence ( extremely raw in this case), real gangsters playing roles  & that flavour that mixes social documentary with the most shameless exploitation. Once again, IFD tried to sell the movie as a modern day kung fu film.

 Fury of a Virgin followed the same way of Challenge the Caballer: it was released in Spain not once but twice by different companies & of course different art covers.

 The first spanish edition of Fury of a Virgin shows whay I said above: A kung fu guy, explotions & sexy girls involved into an aura of violence. we don't see such things in the movie but at least we may have an idea we will be witness of violence & action.

The following VHS art cover is just shameless. The Spanish distributor kept the original english title from IFD but he added to the art cover a pic of Sonny Chiba & Kurata Yasuaki taken from the japanese film The executioner that curiously was never released in Spain.

 Even today, this VHS cover adds some confusion to many spanish video hunters who thinks this IFD movie was starred by Sonny Chiba & Kurata Yasuaki.
If you are interested on getting more technical details about Fury of a Virgin, click here.

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