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jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Ninja The Mission Force 9: Night Of the Ninja

Night of the Ninja was the title given in the Us to IFD's Official Exterminator 5: Enter The Victory, but this week, Dark Maze Team brings us another fascinating episode of the very best online show. IFD Night of the Ninja could have been titled whatever you may imagine since has nothing to do with night & not too many ninjas were on screen neither, but Dark Maze's Night of the Ninja is the very best title to this enthralling episode because we are witness of the attack of the ninja dogs that need cookies instead bullets to be stopped but our stubborn hero doesn't seem to realize about it and a fatal destiny awaits him...

C'mon, stop imagining this amazing plot...just watch & enjoy it!...
 Don't forget to visit Dark Maze Official Website where you can enjoy this episode & the previous one in a row!. Besides the also offer another nice show & many many surprises!

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