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domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

Shooting around Kowloon Tong 5: Surrey Lane

The first post dedicated to the shooting locations used by IFD / FILMARK crews around Kowloong Tong was about Cumberland Road, a famous street becuase of Bruce Lee's house set location & the hourly love hotels around.

Cumberland Road also includes crossed streets & alleys that were also used by Godfrey Ho & Tommy Cheng in their ninja adventures. One of the most used streets that crosses Cumberland Road was Surrey Lane.

Here we see Surrey Lane corner with Cumberland Road. we can tell this is the entrance to this street that goes along a subway pass that take us to the MTR station in Yau Yat Chuen.

Look at the top of the pic in the left side, we can see the KCR train, under the train is located the subway pass we have seen in countless Hong Kong movies such as Angel Terminator, Ninja force of Assassins, Ninja the protector or Live Hard just to mention some of them.

Then, on the right side of the pic, we see a narrow alley that has been used also in countless movies from the early 80's to almost today. That alley was seen in The struggle starred by Wilson Tong & John Cheung who will play an important role at IFD during 1986/87 as action Choreographer.

IFD used this alley in a good bunch of ninja movies such as Ninja Dragon in the scene where Richard Harrison kills a guy wearing a white t-shirt using a double chinese broad swords

The same exact location was used for some scenes in Ninja Operation 3: Licence to terminate & Operation Ninja 5: Godfather the Master (aka Power of ninjitsu)
These two movies Joseph Lai was credited as the director but they both were directed by Godfrey Ho & choreoagraphed by John Cheung. There are some pics of those shootings that prove what I am saying.

Surrey Lane Alley was also used by Godfrey ho for the first fight in Lethal Panther (aka) Deadly China Dolls

Filmark used this alley in Ninja in action


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