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sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

A man named Geoffrey Brown Part 1

Hong Kong movies from the last 80's & first 90's are full of western actors that audience could recognice them because they were in many movies but althought they were everywhere from big budgeted movies to cheapo films from IFD & Filmark, we only knew their faces but no their names because they were seldom credited or they were hidden behind fake nicknames to avoid taxes or just not to let the audience get boring showing them too many times.

A bad ninja with nice face: a terrible enemy!

There are particular cases like Johnathan Isgar, Wayne Archer or Mike Abbott just to mention 3 of them that worked with big stars playing important roles, we also have actors like Edowan Bersma who was like a chamaleon & harder to follow because he had beard in some movies, he was nicely shaved in others, then credited under different names...etc and then we have the ones we can easily recognice from movie to movie but we never knew his real name or background....till now.

And here Geoffrey Brown enters

I really don't know Geoffrey Brown's nationality but I would bet my neck he is from England because his resenblance to Wayne Archer. While Mr Archer was big noised, Mr Brown is big-eared but both of them really look like to each other.

Are you talking seriously, boss?

He started playing small roles on IFD ninja movies starred by Richard Harrison like Ninja Hunter where he played one of Stuart Smith's henchmen & then did similar roles as one of Mike Abbott's bad ninjas in Rage of the Ninja. His face is nice & he didn't suit villain's roles so Geoffrey Brown started to play good boy roles in more IFD movies along Richard Harrison & Mike Abbott in titles such as Ninja operation: Knight & Warrior, Ninja Operation 5: Godfather the master or Ninja Operation 7: Royal Warriors.

Geoffrey Brown in Ninja Operation: Knight & Warrior as a drug dealer...

just to be killed by black ninja Alphonse Beni few minutes later

Geoffrey Brown is still a mistery in Hong Kong Cinema because like my good friend James Mutch Crockett, he was in dozens movies but his name was never heard & just written in big letters on IFD movies. The next entry on this blog will be dedicated to Geoffrey Brown other Hong Kong & American movies...yes, you read properply, american movie but shot in Hong Kong!

Geoffrey Brown was credited together with other IFD big names in Ninja Operation : Knight & Warrior

At last, he played the hero's sidekick in Ninja Operation 7: Royal Warriors


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