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lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

Pierre Tremblay's English Interview at Nanarland

Today when I checked my email I got a big nice surprise: my good friend Regis from Nanarland sent me an email telling the interview they made to Pierre Tremblay in French language has been finally translated & published in English. And I just can tell I have enjoyed it so much as the films he played.

the evilish red ninja in Ninja Champion

Pierre Tremblay worked in several IFD movies as supporting actor in titles such as Diamond Ninja Force or Ninja Dragon portraying an evil role in the first one & just a tiny cameo as Richard Harrison's poker friend in the second one. Then he played Harrison's police boss in Ninja Operation: Knight & Warrior (aka Silent Assassin, aka Black ninja).

After Richard Harrison left IFD, Pierre Tremblay was casted as main actor along Bruce Baron in Ninja Champion and Challenge the ninja. While Bruce Baron played the hero, maybe dued to his pale resemblance to Richard Harrison, in both movies, Tremblay played the bad guy.

Richard Harrison & Pierre Tremblay as bussinessmen who earn their lifes playing poker in Ninja Dragon

Nanarland guys had made a great work & Mr Pierre Tremblays talks about his experiences as actor on IFD, his role in Tsui Hark's Dangerous encounters, his TV career in commercials & cantonese soap operas, his dubbing work & a lot of TRUE and interesting information and details that have never been explained or read anywhere else.

A shot from Challenge the ninja

Please, don't continue reading this post & run to Nanarland's Pierre Tremblay's interview. C'mon ,my firends don't waste your time here and click HERE right now or just type this adress:
A recent pic from Pierre Tremblay taken from Nanarland

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