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domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

A man named Geoffrey Brown Part 2

Geoffrey Brown was one of those gweiloh actors who appeared in many IFD movies that has gave me too much time to identifie. My task got success after I checked many of the pressbooks from the movies he starred that are avaliable on IFD official website. This way of identification was risky & not 100% reliable since many actors changed his name to avoid taxes & triad activities but I got the feeling I was on the right direction.
He was not the main actor but IFD put his name in big letters on the poster of Rage of a Ninja

His name was in smaller letters in Ninja Operation 5: Godfather the master, but also his role was just episodic

It is summer time & some spanish tv channels offer special programmes full of action movies of all kinds from Spaguetti western to Kung fu movies and not too long ago I got to re-watch Jackie Chan's Armour of God on TV & then...I recogniced Geoffrey Brown as one of the monks.

Ken Boyle giving orders to Geoffrey Brown in a moment of Armour of God

He has a lot of screen time & he even has lines. I have seen Armour of God dozens times & I never noticed most of the monks were starred by many IFD & Filmark regular gweilohs including Wayne Archer ( the monk who bites Chan's hand), Edowan Bersma ( the monk who finds Alam Tam in the kitchen after Tam has rolled down from a tunnel), Grant Temple ( the bad ninja in some IFD) & many more.

Geoffrey Brown in a red circle prays in Armour of God. The guy in the green cricle played the main villain in Filmark's Ninja project daredevils & the moustached one in the yellow circle was also in countless IFD & Filmark movies.

It is a pity the monks are not credited at the end titles, so I had to check Jean Claude Van Damme's BLOODSPORT again. This movie is maybe the bible of gweiloh actors in Hong Kong. Not only most of them are on the movie as fighters but they are even credited at the end titles. So, again, I was right, Geoffrey Brown was credited as Paredes' friend.

The coloured names worked for IFD or Filmark during their time in Hong Kong. Their true names were credited on Bloodsport while their works for IFD or Filmark was full of colorful fake names.

Suan Paredes played by Van Damme's friend Michel Quissi was the brazilian fighter who gets his leg bone out courtesy by Bolo Yeung...but who was his friend???? the scenes that show Paredes are fight scenes or just sitting waiting for fighting but then Geoffrey Brown is on screen, sitting next to Paredes & holding a very big radio-cassette player.
Geoff Brown sits next to Michel Quissi in Bloodsport

He pays attention to the fight in the tatami

Geoff Brown as he is credited in Bloodsport has not dialog lines this time but he has some screen time that allowed us to trace him down.

Michel Quissi ( Suan Paredes) gets sleepy while he is waiting for his turn to fight, but what the hell is doing Geoff Brown with a hi-fi player?????

But Geoffrey Brown was not only in this movies from IFD, Armour of God or Bloodsport....his movie career in Hong Kong was developed by more supporting roles in movies such as Angel Mission or just tiny cameos of mere seconds in other movies that include Undeclared War where he played a police officer in the funeral parlour shootout & I spotted him in his tiniest role in a moment of Shanghai Shanghai where he is talking to other gweilohs who also got their time at IFD & Filmark.

Geoffrey Brown is with no doubts one of the most underrated gweiloh actors who has ever worked in Hong Kong. I say this because he was in countless movies but he was never given a chance to bright like others did.

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